Valve: "We Come With New Games"

Valve company, despite all the rumors that have arisen, said that we are standing up and coming with new games.

Valve company, creator of games such as Dota and Half Life, said they were aware of the rumors.

Valve company, Half- There was a lot of news about it being prepared. It is expected that these reports will bring many rumors. Jeep Barnett, producer of the latest game, Artifact, said, "We are aware of all the rumors and jokes that emerge, because we all follow the forums and share with each other."


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Until the announcement of new games Valve had made in 2017, the players had cut off their hopes from the company. Many players at the forums have suggested that the company will not be interested in a new game. Programmer Brandon Reinhart "The investments we made over the past few years have not been seen as important by the customers who play our games. But at Steam, we spent a lot of time developing customer relationships. It was a challenging process and we made improvements by working with many people. We are now a company where we can invest more in games and focus more. "


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It is a known fact that creating games is a lengthy and troublesome process. Valve, who has not really satisfied the actors since Dota 2 in 2013, started his work on the new Artifact game in 2015.

Reinhart said that despite the rumors out there, he often asked why they did not play "Reinhart said, We are on our way to making it. I really think that a positive blow to the company will come into existence spontaneously as we continue to market quality games. "