Valve's New Game Artifact Released Date


Valve, which does not issue any games after Global Offensive, breaks down its five-year silence with a brand new card game.

Card game Artifact's release date, first announced in early 2017 and played with characters in Dota 2 it became apparent. Accordingly, the game will be available for sale through Steam on November 28th. The retail price of the game, which will be unlike their counterparts in Free2Play emerged. [19659003] for us, we know the prices announced for Steam is a very different pricing policies for Turkey does not mean anything. On the other hand, the sales price announced as $ 20 may mean that we will have around 80 TL.

The Mana system, special powers, rare and legend cards … even though they have features very similar to their counterparts like Hearthstone and Legends, the Artifact The biggest change is that you have to stumble in 3 separate playgrounds.