VeChain's Mobile Wallet Published | Koin Bulletin

VeChain has successfully taken an important step today in the development of the new network and brought the mobile wallet to the users. VeChain Thor Mobile Wallet is said to be an important milestone for the new system, and the wallet can be downloaded from both iOS and Google Play.

The VeChain foundation, responding to questions asked by many crypto money investors about desktop wallets said that the reason for preferring mobile wallet is to make the project even more popular and to provide more modern use of crypto coins.

"We live in a mobile age and at this point our goal is to determine a mobile strategy that fits this era. The Vechain Thor wallet is very important in this respect.

For new hardware wallets, users will have to wait for August. "

" Wallets "may not be enough to describe this application, which has many features, services and opportunities. For Token exchange, users must send 0.01 VEN adrese from the ERC-20 wallets to the . This figure is also among the news that will act as a shield against the loss.

VEN is currently trading at around $ 2.5 in the minute that this posting is received. The price of VEN is slightly above buyers of 37,000 Satoshi, who, after peaking, have suffered a 20% loss to Bitcoin.

Many authorities find that VEN prices are balanced enough; In a new stock market named LBank, it has also become the most traded instrument. The volume on the market is 17% VEN / BTC. VEN also has partners with both Ethereum and USDT, and many authorities state that the decline experienced by this successful coin is normal.