Vehicle diagnosis: Bridgestone and Microsoft detect tire damage in real time

Vehicle tires are a safety-critical element with few diagnostic options. Tire pressure monitoring systems have been around for a long time and have been mandatory since 2012, but tire damage cannot usually be detected without a precise manual inspection. Microsoft and the tire manufacturer Bridgestone therefore developed an automatic solution.

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The Surveillance system should detect tire damage in real time. Events that affect the tire surface are to be recognized. The system uses sensor data from hardware already installed in the car and evaluates it. A hardware upgrade is not necessary, Microsoft said.

The system also recognizes where the damage occurred, so that interesting data for the road traffic authorities can be recorded and sent to. According to the companies involved, potholes are among the reportable events.

Autonomous vehicles could share information about local hazards with other vehicles in the area, as well as with cloud storage from which other cars could use themselves and warn drivers.

The system works with all vehicles that use the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP), Bridgestone said.

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