Very Serious Difficulties in Access

Spotify is facing an issue that affects European countries in particular. Millions of users report that the app is not working, while officials say something is wrong and they are working to fix the problem. It is not known when the problem will go away.

One of the most popular online music platforms in the world SpotifyThere is a crash situation in. The problem that started about half an hour ago is currently not completely resolved. Spotify authorities who made statements on the subject, something’s wrong However, they stated that they continue their studies on the subject.

As a platform where problems in internet services are reported DowndetectorFrom our reviews, we see that Spotify has a big problem, especially in Europe. Users also are affected by this situation in Turkey, Russia, in a very large part of any country like the US and Canada there was no interruption looks like.

It is currently unknown when the problem will be resolved.


In fact, Spotify is a service that crashes easily not. In fact, Spotifty, who had a problem in August, had a problem because he forgot to renew his TLS certificate. While the source of the cut this time is unknown, it’s hard to say for sure when the issues will go away.

The crash map seen in the Downdetector is as follows

Spotify crashed

The problems experienced in Spotify did not go unnoticed by internet users. Turkey as well as users from around the world, Spotify on crash dozens of shares They did. We have compiled some of those shares for you:

Comments following the crash of Spotify




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