Victims of Reduction in Crypto Money Market: EOS and TRON

Recently, there are two coins sitting on the agenda with the development of 'mainnet': EOS and TRON. These two coins were able to attract many people with the innovative steps they took in the mainnet field. However, the coins got very serious price hits in the past 24 hours. While EOS experienced a decrease of about 15 percent, TRON also received a decline of around 10 percent. EOS is now the fifth largest; TRON is the tenth biggest crypto money

It is thought that Bitcoin's fall on Saturday was caused by this serious fall in EOS and TRON. Bitcoin experienced a depreciation of just about $ 400 a couple of nights ago just two hours ago, and of course the major impacts on the market for this decline.

One of the main reasons for the decline in price, especially in the price of EOS, With only 2 percent of users on the network voting, there was a vote crisis at EOS and this crisis reflected negatively on investors. As a result of this crisis, the team is showing all this load as a load on the shoulder of the community.

"I am quite enthusiastic and I have invested heavily, but it was a huge mistake to leave the voting protocol and its mechanisms to the hands of the community."

Another commenter gave the following comment:

"All this

Among the reasons for the decline in the price of coins such as EOS and TRON, there is also a hacking attack by Coinrail, a South Korean-based crypto money market.

After publishing TRON's mainnet, we can not say that it has made a very serious price increase because investors are still waiting for a few updates planned to be made.

The decline in Bitcoin's lead in the market is followed by a number of coins including TRON and EOS, and the main cause of this general decline on the market is the attack on Coinrail.