Video chats: Google integrates Meet in Docs, Sheet and Slide

In the course of the year, Google is expanding its workspace apps to include a video chat function: At the developer conference I / O on Tuesday evening, Google announced a number of new features for its collaborative office tools that will be available in the coming months under the umbrella term “Smart Canvas” should be distributed. The integration of Google’s chat service Meet into the Docs, Sheet and Slide apps is particularly interesting for home office work.

Thanks to this integration, users will in future be able to exchange information directly with one another while working on documents together, writes Google in a blog entry about the upcoming workspace innovations. The function should therefore be available in the fall.

In the future, Google wants to provide video chats conducted via Meet with better subtitles: Google can capture spoken sentences in English in real time and display them as subtitles in video chats. Later in the year it will be possible to have these live subtitles translated into multiple languages. In addition to German, this also includes French and Spanish.

Other innovations in the workspace apps include, above all, minor function updates such as the ability to link other people with an “@” in documents. You should also be able to directly integrate files and meeting appointments. In addition, you should be able to insert emoji reactions in the tools in the future. Google has published a list of the upcoming changes on its keyword blog.

Emoji reactions come into Google’s workspace apps.

(Image: Google)

Google merged its various productivity applications into Workspace last October. Google had previously called the application “G-Suite”. Google Workspace is still only available for business customers, although individual apps from the suite such as Google Doc are also available for private individuals. During the course of the year, Google plans to open Workspace to everyone.


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