Video showing how well Vivo Nex is

Vivo has released a YouTube video to show how robust the Nex's snap-on camera is.

Vivo Nex, the latest flagship of Chinese smartphone maker Vivo, features a highly innovative design with on and off front camera owner. However, the fact that the Chinese manufacturer placed the front camera on a mechanical assembly was a question mark in the eyes of some, because the mechanical mechanism is much more likely to deteriorate than the fixed front camera.

Vivo has posted a new video to show how powerful Nex's front camera is. On a video posted on YouTube, a glass plate is placed on top of 8 Vivo Nex front cameras, and a ballerina weighing 50 kilograms is dancing on a glass panel on Vivo Nex cameras


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Even more important, the ballerina comes down from the panel after the dance is over and takes a handful of Vivo Nex, which he has just danced on, and is self-absorbed. This clearly shows how strong the Vivo Nex is. You can watch the video from below.