Video Showing Inside the Crew Dragon Capsule of SpaceX

SpaceX’s long-awaited mission was successfully completed yesterday and 2 astronauts raised by NASA were sent to space. The interior of the vehicle, which was launched successfully and anchored to the International Space Station, was also very curious.

now we all know that a lot of people sent into space until today, but by the time Turkey yesterday 22: SpaceX mission took place in a detailed 20 were separated from the others. Space company founded by Elon Musk SpaceX became the first private company to send people into space. Today too Crew dragon capsule successfully reached the International Space Station.

Approved by NASA Manager Jim Bridenstine, this mooring was shared with the press and two astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley Welcomed at ISS. In the video published on NASA’s YouTube channel today, two astronauts traveled inside the Dragon capsule and informed people.

The inside of the capsule looks pretty stylish and modern:ızbostt4

Yesterday after the flight, which is expected to take place on 27 March, was delayed due to bad weather conditions. successfully After the flight, what the inside of the capsule looked like and how the astronauts moved was very curious. Behnken and Hurley helped us learn more about the historical task with videos that answer questions in mind today. Since it is known that the interior of the vehicles going to space is quite tight. Crew dragonAfter the video showing, the comments were made that the design of the vehicle is quite stylish and modern.


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Your capsule at the same time seven The information that astronaut has the capacity to carry was also shared. Astronauts Behnken and Hurley showed plenty of action inside the capsule, showing the interior of the vehicle to those who were curious. In addition, the capsule was said to be suitable for manual use of astronauts. NASA, where both astronauts flew and retired in 2011 Endevour Space ShuttleBecause of the same name given to the capsule due to the, also took place in the memories.

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