Video Showing The Detail of Microsoft Flight Simulator

YouTube channel The Flight Sim Deck flew over the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Microsoft Flight Simulator in the new video it shared. The video showed us the level of detail of the game again.

Microsoft’s highly anticipated new flight simulation Microsoft Flight Simulatorhad already attracted our attention with its magnificent graphics. However, Microsoft’s new game will not only be a graphically beautiful work. The game will also offer a new technology to the game world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, as in previous Microsoft flight simulations, 1 to 1 scale will have it inside. However, unlike the old simulations, the world will appear in a very different way. Even if the developers have not modeled many points of the world, these points will automatically appear in the most realistic way, so no place will be straight.

The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant looks like this in Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Here is one of the best videos showing this level of detail in the game today The Flight Sim Deck Shared by. In the video shared on YouTube, The Flight Sim Deck has a complex terrain, as can be seen from the satellite imagery. The Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor went where it was.

The Flight Sim Deck, which departed from Gostomel Airport with the Cessna 172 G1000 plane, showed us how successful the technology used in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As seen in the video, the reactor itself and its environment are in a game the more realistically it can be reflected, the more He reflected.

flight simulator

  • Real satellite view of the flight area

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In the video above Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant if you want to see the video From the 9th minute You can watch. However, the video 18 minutes abandoned The city of Pripyat You can also watch from the air. In addition to these structures, you can clearly see that each building and tree around is added to the game in the most realistic way.

So how does Microsoft Flight Simulator offer such a realistic world? First of all, the game needs the internet to do this. From Bing Maps map data received and Microsoft’s Azure cloud serviceshapes the game world and we download it live.