Video streaming: Star Wars Resistance is coming to Disney + in May

Disney + basically includes the content of the Hollywood studio, but not all films and series that are owned by Disney are available by a long shot. On the one hand, the Hollywood studio brings new Disney + exclusive content every Friday and, in addition, additional films and series. In April the focus was on feature films, the ratio changes in May when more series are to be released. A pleasure for all Star Wars fans: Both seasons of Star Wars Resistance will be coming to Disney + in May.

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On Star Wars Day, May 4th, the first season of Star Wars Resistance will be released at Disney + and eleven days later, on May 15th, the second season will follow. This allows Disney + subscribers to watch the entire series because it only includes these two seasons. For science fiction fans, Tron Legacy will be released on May 21, which is currently still available as a subscription to Netflix. It is currently unknown whether the film will be removed from the catalog on Netflix that day.

The same goes for the films Ice Age 5 and Suddenly Princess. Suddenly Princess will appear on Disney + on May 7th, Ice Age 5 will follow on May 15th. The second part of Suddenly Princess has been around since Disney + launched in Germany. Everything indicates that Disney had licensed the first part to Netflix and had to wait until the contract with Netflix expired. Therefore, at least for the film, it can be assumed that it will disappear on Netflix as soon as it appears on Disney +.

Tinkerbell film should be released on Disney + in April

On May 8, Disney plans to redeem the promise and deliver the film Tinkerbell – A Summer of Adventure for Disney + subscribers. The film was supposed to be released on April 3, but the date was postponed without reason. The first part of the film series Nachts will be released in the museum on May 22nd. It is strange that Disney already released the second and third part of the film series for Disney + subscribers on April 10, although the first part is currently not available from any other German subscription service. As a result, Disney + customers have so far not been able to watch the film series in one piece and have to wait another month.

On May 1st, all three seasons of the Kirby Buckets Ultradimensional series and the first season of Little Adventures with Chip and Chap will be added to the Disney + catalog. On May 29th, The Million Theft is recorded at Disney +, which is currently on Sky Ticket. The Prouds – The Island Adventure Film is released on the same day, but the associated series is still missing from Disney +. All films and series scheduled for May have not yet appeared in Disney + search results.

All parts of Toy Story at Disney +

In April the Disney + catalog was expanded, especially with older feature films. But there was also a new addition with Toy Story 4, in which subscribers receive a lot of bonus material including audio commentary. All Toy Story films are now available at Disney +. Also with extras, the cartoon The Witch and the Wizard was added to the catalog in April, for which Netflix previously had the rights. So here is a picture similar to Mulan: The film was added to the subscription shortly after Disney + started after the Netflix license expired.

The same pattern applies to the film Daddy without a plan. The day after the movie was removed from the Netflix subscription, it was added to the Disney + range on April 23. In April the feature films The Boy Who Talked to Badgers and Edward the Scissorhands were added to Disney +. Also new is Christopher Robin, which is provided with bonus material. Disney + also has the first three parts of Greg's diary, while the fourth part is only available on Netflix. There are also parts 2 and 3 parallel to Disney +, but the first part is currently only available at Disney +.

Content at Disney + still without a German soundtrack or with the wrong soundtrack

Since the start of Disney + (test), some titles have not had a German soundtrack, although they exist: These include the films The Cat from Space, Herbie goes crazy, The Night of Adventures, Motocross, Robin Hood and his daring companions from 1952 as well as the short film The Honey Thief. The Marvel X-Men series from 1992 and the Lizzie McGuire series also lack a German soundtrack. It is not known whether these errors will be corrected.

Arielle fans, the Mermaid, can currently watch the film at Disney + with the German re-dubbed version from 1998, which basically changed everything about the film – even the sometimes popular songs have been given a new text. Many fans of the film therefore don't like them. Disney also offers the film on disc with the original 1990 dubbing. Disney + subscribers will also receive the original dubbing of the film later, but no date has yet been fixed.

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