Video tutorial black and white photography: Next Level Fine Art B&W Photography

The Dutchman Joel Tjintjelaar is known for his fine art photography of architecture. His style and technique have been copied many times, and numerous photographers took part in his workshops in the United States and Europe. If you wanted to produce in this style yourself, there were several hurdles to overcome. In the past, it required enormous effort and often meticulous Photoshop work for days.

That has changed fundamentally. In his new English-language video course, the professional shows the way from the image idea to the final motif. "The workflow is automated and faster, you only need a minimum of Photoshop skills," explains Tjintjelaar. "This is made possible by my Artisan Pro X panel, which automates the sequence of steps in Photoshop. I explain this in detail in the new video course. I also go into new knowledge about black and white post-processing and some masking techniques."

The English language course Next Level Fine Art B&W Photography from Joel Tjintjelaar you get in the heise shop at a reduced price of 71.88 euros. To be able to fully use the professional workflow, the installation is a additional Photoshop panels (Price: approx.27.17 euros) necessary. You can purchase the panel on the photographer's website. For the video course (approx. 3.5 hours) and the panel there are costs of around 100 euros, then you are ready to start producing pictures in the Tjintjelaar style.

Force of Life The Eye (Film Museum in Amsterdam)
(Image: Joel Tjintjelaar)

Photoshop CC 2015.5 (or higher) is required as image processing software. But do you have to be a Photoshop professional to do something with the course? "No, beginners' knowledge is enough. The goal is that high-quality black and white photography becomes less technical and more intuitive," explains Joel Tjintjelaar. "The challenge of SW fine art photography should be artistic expression, not technology."

Topic: Next Level Fine Art B&W Photography
Scope: 15 videos (214 min.) And original Tjintjelaar image file to follow the tutorial
Performance: Download the package as a zip file (10.7 GB)
Language: English
Price: Special price for c’t photography readers: 71.88 euros (instead of 95.85 euros)
Source of supply:

Additional Photoshop panel (installation recommended): B&W Artisan Pro X
Special price for c’t photography readers: approx. 27.17 euros (instead of 41.80 euros)
Source of supply: product / bwartisanprox

  1. Joel Tjintjelaar on Fine Art Photography
  2. Three Principles on Creating Effective Photographs
  3. Shooting architecture – a high impact approach
  4. Image Analysis + Post-processing Preparation
  5. Post-processing strategy
  6. B&W Conversion vs. Processing
  7. Gradient Tool Basics in Photoshop
  8. Gradient Tool Basics with the B&W Artisan Pro X Panel
  9. The Symbiotic Relationship of Contrast and Depth
  10. Post processing – adding depth to the image
  11. Creating highlights with the B&W Artisian Pro X Panel
  12. Local Adjustments with the B&W Artisian Pro X Panel
  13. Local Free Form Contrast Adjustments
  14. Image tweaking and evaluation
  15. Bonus: Masking Methods


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