Village Established Turkey's first space observatory was closed

Turkey's first space observatory to be set up in a village having Astro Cumalı title, was closed due to lack of interest.

Add up what you can do for your interest in space? You can camp out of town to observe a spectacular nature event, or travel to the other half of the planet to observe a Full Sun Eclipse. You nature Cumait in Sayacabaş village Army Turap, because of the love of space in Turkey set up a village created the first space observatory.

6 years follow that with keeping a month space curiosity began Turap, went to Switzerland to work at the beginning of the 70s and investigated space in Europe by paying close attention to the telescopes he could examine the space. Turap, brought order to maintain the homeland of all space-related activities in the coming to Turkey next telescopes of various sizes.


            Ruling an Observatory The FBI hovered at the aliens' conspirators

Having made a part of the village house a small observatory, Turap also took the first steps of the space station to take. Today's summit 12 years ago, the village established a village in Turkey, launched the first space observatory.

At one time, the observatory attracted a great deal of interest from the students, and in recent years, it has become more and more popular in the past few years, it is literally forgotten. The observatory, which has had almost no visitors for a few years, is closed by the founder Cumaittin Turap. Turap plans to move to the Aegean region and move the observatory here. What kind of interest the observer will encounter in the new nest is a mystery for the moment.


            Hole Caused by Concern at International Space Station

Turap, 72 years old, indicating that your apathy to the observatory is a big disappointment, said, "I established a beautiful plant in my country. I brought 12 special telescopes and tools from Switzerland. There was a great curiosity here all over the world. There were even people from abroad to see this place. No more interested in the observatory. Unfortunately, there is no support or interest. For this reason I will carry the observatory to the Aegean. If not at all I will study the city I will settle there. There is a great opportunity here, but unfortunately there is no one to show interest. "

Turap said that the observatory was not supported," There are all possibilities in our observatory. I'm a member of NASA. We can easily observe the solar eclipse anywhere in the world. There are lots of facilities but no support. I keep the observatory closed now. If they want to come, they are calling by phone. I do not want to send people back up here empty. I open it up for that reason and then close it again. There were those who wanted to buy telescopes, they offered a lot of money but I did not. I do not even think about selling. "