Vivo to Introduce a New S Series Smartphone

Known for its affordable smartphones, Vivo is claimed to introduce a new smartphone in the coming month. This smartphone, which will be introduced next month, is expected to be the S7 model, which will be the continuation of the S6.

Vivo, one of the prominent names in the smartphone industry, is the new smartphone with 5G support Vivo S6 5G had introduced it in the past months. This smartphone, which draws attention with its features and affordable price, is also Exynos It is known as one of the few Vivo smartphones that use the chipset. According to new information, the Chinese company, next month will introduce a new smartphone model in it.

The source of these claims is data miner, which is famous for leaks in China’s social media site Weibo. From Digital Chat Station It is coming. The data miner, who says that the Vivo S series will be updated with a new model in the next month, name of he did not explain what would happen. At this point, there are a few claims about what Vivo’s next smartphone model will be.

The phone to be introduced next month may be the Vivo S7:


Last month, the company Vivo S6 Pro 5G It was claimed to introduce a new smartphone called. This phone has not been released yet and it is not known whether it is the same as the device mentioned above. On the other hand, according to another claim, the new model will join the Vivo S series next month. S7 os will.

Neither features, price nor any details of the device are known for this device, which is expected to be introduced soon. However, on the device 5G support its inclusion is considered certain. Of course, we will only be able to find out if all these claims are true when an official statement is made.


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China based company is currently Vivo X50 focuses on the global launch of the series. The smartphones, introduced at the beginning of last June, are planned to be launched in India on July 16. The company is a true wireless stereo model, also introduced last month. TWS Neo’s He also stated that it will be available on the same day.

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