Vodafone Changed Operator Name to 'HayatEveSigar'

Support campaigns on social media are making a big impact these days, when the coronavirus epidemic is increasing its effects. In this context, continuing to support campaigns, Vodafone changed its operator name to 'HayatEveSigar'.

Combating coronavirus While continuing in our country as in the whole world, the campaigns organized in the social media environment contribute to the good management of the process. Campaigns that are supported by many people from famous names to popular brands, against the fight against coronavirus awareness Increases.

Recently #Stay at home The campaign, which was launched with the label, made a lot of noise and pointed out the importance of staying home on the internet. Now in social media # Is hayatevesıg A campaign was launched with the tag.

Vodafone changed the operator name to # HayatEveSığarı:

vodafone life fits home

~You can see the text HayatEveSigar in the upper left.

#Stay at home one of the primary supporters of the campaign VodafoneSo he pointed out the importance of staying home once again. People who use Vodafone line, operator name when they look at 'Hayatevesig's They meet the text.


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From the famous artist Mazhar Alanson The campaign, supported by many people up to Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, rose to the top of the agenda on Twitter. We will see together whether new ones will be added to these campaigns launched in the fight against coronavirus in the coming days.