Volkswagen Introduces New Electric SUV Vehicle

Volkswagen's new electric SUV concept ID Roomzz comes with an 82 kWh battery. The German carmaker plans to introduce the new concept of ID Roomzz to the Chinese market in 2021.


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ID Roomzz will come with a battery of 82 kWh, according to the WLTP standards of the European Union, 450 km, or 475 km according to China's standards. The company says the concept car can fill 80% of the battery capacity in half an hour with the 150 kW charging system.


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The concept car will be powered by 2 electric motors and 306 horsepower. 0 km to 100 km in 6.6 seconds. Thanks to the system called I.D Pilot, autonomous driving feature will be found. The two seats in the front can rotate 25 degrees when the car is in autonomous mode, resulting in a lounge air.