Volkswagen just misses CO2 targets | hot cars

The Volkswagen Group has met the European Union’s fleet targets for carbon dioxide (CO2) slightly missed last year. In the pool formed with smaller manufacturers for CO2Billing, the average output of newly sold cars was 99.8 grams per kilometer driven and thus 0.5 grams above the weight-specific target value, as Volkswagen announced in Wolfsburg on Thursday.

In the fourth quarter, however, there will be no further negative impact on earnings for the group because provisions were made early on. The EU Commission has yet to officially confirm the emission values. Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess had already announced that the targets could be missed by less than a gram. The Volkswagen core brand VW was able to get its CO2-According to its own statements, emissions have been reduced by 22 percent compared to 2019. The growing range of electric cars, which with zero grams of CO2 are included in the statistics, should have a noticeable part in this.

The fleet consumption of Volkswagen’s core brand VW is said to have decreased by 22 percent.

(Image: Volkswagen)

In the EU there have been stricter CO requirements since last year2Emissions. Across the industry, this should be an average of 95 grams per kilometer driven. Every car manufacturer has individual goals to meet depending on the market position and the weight of the cars produced. If the real values ​​differ, penalties are imminent: per vehicle sold and average gram of CO2 too much are due 95 euros.


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