Volkswagen to Enter Electric Car Market This Year

Volkswagen is a little behind the electric car. Even though he didn't admit that he was coming back, many of his rivals, especially Tesla, have taken a great deal of power on electric cars. ID Crozz Crossover will be exported to America in 2020. The production of the vehicle in America will be like the 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

"Volkswagen is now late for electric vehicles, there have already been a lot of electric cars in the market." We will be in the market at the right time. 19


            Volkswagen Makes Great Changes in Electric Car Strategy

The VW group entered the American market too late on SUV and Crossover. In the United States, where a full SUV craze has occurred, both late in introducing new models and not meeting the needs of the customers.

Although Keogh made these statements, the electric vehicle market has now grown up and traditional car companies have joined the race with at least one model. VW seems to be really late. In the electric vehicle market dominated by one of the two companies, we will see how much the VW will buy a piece of pie.


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