Volvo Takes Some Serious Steps in Security

The Luminar company, which produces LIDAR systems that detect the distance of objects through the laser beams it sends, signed an agreement with Volvo. Volvo is working on the highest possible level of safety, keeping it tight on advanced technology.

Volvo has been working very hard on automobiles with autonomous systems in recent years. The company, which includes Luminar security systems in test vehicles, will begin to use the "Perception Development Platform" technology, which seeks to interpret not only the long range scanners but also the data obtained with LIDAR. The new LIDAR system will analyze what happens with the receivers and what the objects are like and how they should move. In this sense, Volvo was also the first car brand to use this newly developed LIDAR system.

Generally speaking, LIDAR or long name Light Detection and Ranging takes a three-dimensional map of the surrounding area of ​​the car reflecting the laser beams from other objects. The system creates a point perspective by recording the reflection points in the memory, creating a color code that is meaningful to the distances of the objects.

The production and development of LIDAR systems is based on a complex work that leads to considerably higher costs. The most important distinction that distinguishes Luminar from others is not only the reflected objects, but also the dark objects. According to the new LIDAR system that Luminar has been working on, objects can be scanned with a single laser and receiver without the need for reflective spots. It is expected that a system with 10x higher resolutions (50x) with smaller sensors (40x) will be created and a system 10 times more powerful than its competitors will be created.


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The first sensor with this technology was announced in April 2018. Luminar has set 5000 production targets for the sensors by the end of the year.

Volvo has no explanation as to how much money Volvo has paid Luminar from the Cars Tech Fund investment funds, or whether it will be used with deadly vehicles. . President and CEO Håkan Samuelsson stated that no one in Volvo's cars for 2020 aims to commit anybody to die four years ago. Finally, let's say that the LIDAR system mentioned here is a bit different than the security system that suddenly stops the car when the object comes out.