VPN Management Made Easy with Android 11

VPN connections will now be more front and center in Android notifications. Thus, VPN management will be easier.

Those who want to provide privacy and prevent unwanted tracking frequently use VPN services. Google makes VPN management easier than before with the Android 11 operating system.

When Android 11 made a VPN connection, smart device users were seeing a notification in a thin strip. This notification indicated that the VPN connection was established. The gray frame of the notification could be annoying, especially in dark mode.

New VPN with Android 11


Android 11With the arrival of the VPN connections are now front and center in the notification tab. Gray borders while lifting “Device connected to VPN“The expression”This device is connected to VPNUpdated as ”.


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When you press this text, you to which VPN It will show that you are connected. There will also be a warning here. With this warning Android 11 users will be informed that VPN services can monitor their network activity, including emails, apps and websites.

VPN connection speeds up


Because of the industry you work in or because you travel often Your use of a VPN If necessary, Android’s quick settings will give you almost no fatigue. VPN connection will give the opportunity. Thus, it will be possible to make your connections almost without opening an application.


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To activate this feature, the notification bar, enough to access quick settings you have to pull it down. Then you enter the edit mode by pressing the small pencil icon in the quick settings. At this point, you can make a quick setting that will access all VPN applications, or a special setting that will access a specific application.

If you already have a VPN if found, “Quick LinkYou can add the ”square to quick settings. Then all you have to do is from the menu by pressing the button will realize the connection. This will make it much easier to connect.