VR Scary Series 'Campfire Creepers'

Technology is evolving, which brings innovation to every area. VR series Campfire Creepers, with horror content, offers an extraordinary VR experience.

Alexander Aja, Director of High Tension Filminin, is pursuing a new film technology. Campfire Creepers, the director of the virtual reality world with the horror series, wants to take advantage of the blessings brought by technology. The series with Oculus, Future Lighthouse and Dark Corner seems to be quite exciting.

It's really exciting to be part of the directory of young people who tell horrible stories about each other in the middle of the forest. Alexandre Aja stated that he was proud to present a production in the form of fear with VR. Indicating that many producers are thinking of using VR technology and that this breakthrough will also guide them, Aja aims to offer a range of experiences that really incorporate you.


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Campfire Creepers, which will consist of two different sections, The Skull of Sam and Midnight March, will present different experiences in both sections. In the first episode we are the one caught by a psychopath. In the second part, we are in the place of the children hiding from the monster around the campfire. The series, which will offer a great experience using VR technology, will be released soon.