VSS Unity Civil Space Vehicle, Highest Accuracy

Virgin Galactic successfully tested his vehicle for space flights in the Mojave desert.

The VSS Unity, which had previously ventured from Virgin Galactic base in Mojave Air and Space Port in May, was able to reach the highest altitude of 22 mph and he saw two times the speed of sound. But in today's tests, with two pilots named Mike Masucci and Dave Mackay, the car advanced to a more advanced level, reaching a height of 32.3 miles.

It is not yet known how many more tests Virgin Galactic company must carry to carry passengers, but according to the information given by the company's CEO, George Whitesides, flights are successfully moving forward. . George says that the tests are carried out in three different stages and that they show the structural stability of the vehicle in the first stage, the cabin tests in the second stage and the shape of the procedures to be followed during the flight in the third stage. In the statement, it was stated that after the tests, the company would start commercial flights and settled in Spaceport America, Virgin Galactic's future home.

The VSS Unity named spacecraft does not rise vertically, like other oversized rockets. Instead of a giant carrier plane called "WhiteKnightTwo", the vehicle is elevated to a high altitude and then leaves at 45,600 feet altitude and floats in the space for a few seconds. At this time, the exciting space travel of VSS Unity, which ignites the space motor and begins to emerge from the atmosphere, has begun.

When we recreate this transportation system as we read it, we can easily say with its admiration. But when one pilot in a test conducted by Virgin Galactic in 2014 activated the system earlier than planned, the wings were opened prematurely and the vehicle broke apart causing a pilot to be killed and a pilot injured.


            Space Tourism Starts in 2019!

Approximately two years later, the VSS Unity tool, which was flown to itself and successfully performed about 10 tasks successfully, could not prevent the loss of the company. But Virgin Galactic has already sold 700 tickets for $ 250,000 for future trips. Probably in the coming years we will be able to see this advanced spacecraft in space with tourists.