Wall Street's crypto king called for interna currency Bitcoin

Wall Street's crypto king named Bitcoin as "the currency of the Internet" in CNBC's Fast Money panel, where he joined Bitcoin to discuss

The king of crypto: "Bitcoin is the best crypto investment."

Bart Smith, a digital asset trader at Susquehanna International Group, was named Wall Street's crypto king because of his expertise. Speaking of the upward trend in investing in the crypto currency, Bart Smith added that Bitcoin is still the best crypto investment that people have "functionally used" and added:

Today, this is Bitcoin if you want to have an asset that people can use functionally.

Bitcoin is still on the ongoing routine security debate. With mitigating factors such as various exchange rates, the effects of a long spring on the market are felt.

People were very excited about Bitcoin, they were really excited about other tokens, and suddenly you see all these little tokens: people are thrilled by the massive, exciting, They performed well.

The benefits of Bitcoin

Smith, drawing attention to Bitcoin's use cases:

People in the United States often use dollars when they buy crypto currency, but in another country, "crypto reserve

Smith says that beyond his role as a crypto reserve currency, Bitcoin is working to demonstrate the use of money as a remittance payment method, and about refinancing people who live where they live:

19659004] People are using traditional banks like Western Union. It's a slow and expensive transfer. I can make a fast and cheap transfer with Bitcoin. And frankly, nobody can stop me in this regard.

Looking at other usage cases, smart contracts, Lightning Networke and these different technological developments, I think people are starting to realize something, but this change process will be difficult and time consuming You can follow our account from our account, from our account, from our account and Twitter account from our account, from our account, newsbtc



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