Warner Music and Dogan Group Make a Broad Deal

Warner Music Dogan Group, including the physical distribution of representation rights and products, has signed a rather comprehensive contract.

Doğan Group, Turkey's biggest music studio Doğan Music Company (DMC), Turkey's netd'n the big winner of the YouTube channel.

DMC in Turkey will no longer be responsible for distributing the physical product and company, Warner music's music will represent the Turkish music platforms. Warner Music repertoire will also be on NetD. NetD will create a custom playlist for Warner Music and share it on its home page and popular social media channels. Both companies will also benefit from NetD's influencer marketing network. These influencers will prepare content on Warner Music artists.


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Turkey is among the fastest growing markets in the world recorded music. In this market, our country had recorded a growth rate of 31.7% in 2017. [19659003] [19659003] Warner Music of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and is responsible for the name Alfonso Perez Soto Africa, says that one of Turkey's most exciting emerging markets. Soto says that they are working to make their artists heard all over the world and Turkish fans are very important for them. Having found the company's approach to digital marketing quite innovative, Soto says he appreciates the work.


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Samsun Demir, the CEO of DMC, said they are proud to realize this agreement and that the two companies will cooperate in many areas. This agreement, which will enable Warner artists to be better known in our country, will enable local artists to open more easily abroad.