Was it known that Cambridge Analytica did not delete the data?

Facebook presents evidence of a single signature that Cambridge Analytica has removed from stolen data. Is this enough?

Facebook and Zuckerberg are still struggling with the Cambridge Analytica case. Facebook officials, who said they were 'signed' by the authorities that the data that was stolen as defense had been deleted in 2015, said afterwards that Cambridge Analytica lied to them and that there was no news that the data had not been erased.

By 2016, when they realized the situation and sent a letter to the company to delete the data, Facebook officials were persuaded by a signature of Christopher Wylie, without any official processing or note that the data had been deleted. Normally this situation has been criticized in abundance.


It seems that this issue will be on the agenda during the course of the law, albeit that Facebook suppositions, documents signed on behalf of both sides,
            Since the day of Mark Zuckerberg's birth, the 'Daily' Gain is 6 Million Dollars!

There are many ongoing lawsuits and the UK has declared Zuckerberg guilty in the past few days, revealing the issue. Some Canadian politicians and related people have also explained that Facebook thinks it has much more information than is predicted about data breaches. Despite all the scandals that took place, Facebook continued to be the most lucrative of the last two years, while its life was also quite interesting.