Watch OS 7: Apple Watch will control hand washing in the future

The Apple Watch continues to take care of fitness and health: the innovations of watchOS 7 include sleep tracking. In the future, Apple’s computer clock will be able to record nocturnal movements and display an overview of waking and sleeping phases and duration the next morning – including a weekly sleep trend, as the company announced on Monday at the start of the WWDC. New alarm functions and a reminder to charge the watch before going to bed will also be part of the future functional extensions.

In the future, the smartwatch should also support the user with regular hand washing: the watch should record typical hand movements via the acceleration sensors, and the noise of the faucet is also checked using a microphone, the manufacturer explained. The sounds would not be “automatically saved or recorded”. A timer then reminded the user to wash their hands for 20 seconds, this could “help prevent the spread of diseases”. The Apple Watch also records the frequency and duration of hand washing in the Health app on the iPhone.

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More from Mac & i

The training app is specially designed for four other sports in order to better estimate the calorie consumption when exercising. New additions include dancing, functional strength training, core training, and cool-down, Apple said. Apple renames the “Activity” app to “Fitness”. It is intended to show more detailed information for which users have previously had to use the iPhone, such as activity trends.

warchOS receives improved complications.

With watchOS 7, watch faces can also be adjusted more flexibly, developers can offer several different so-called complications – small information displays – for their apps. In addition to a new clock face and minor adjustments, Apple will in future be able to share the clock face configurations with third parties – via email, iMessage, but also, for example, via websites and the App Store.

The update is intended to expand the protective functions for the hearing by an expanded control of the headphone volume and integrates innovations that Apple has also announced for iOS 14, including the bicycle navigation in maps and Siri as a translator. watchOS 7 will be released in autumn as a free update for models from Apple Watch Series 3. For Series 1 and 2, watchOS 6 is over.


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