Watch the Samsung Galaxy Turkey Deals

Note9 launch of the Samsung Galaxy introduces its new Galaxy smart wristwatch Watch, was launched in Turkey after a duration as expectations.

The giant Samsung of South Korea buried the smart clocks of the Gear series. The company, which wants to launch a new series in the field of wearable technology, realized the first watch of the Galaxy Watch series at the launch of Galaxy Note9, which was held last month. The latest Samsung smart watch offered in the past few years is similar to the design of the Gear S3, and Galaxy Watch promises more.

Produced in two different sizes, 42 millimeters and 46 millimeters, the Galaxy Watch also has wireless charging technology. For this, users need to have the Samsung's Duo name station, which they also charge their smart phones. On this station, the phone and clock can be charged wirelessly at the same time.

Galaxy Watch Features:

360×360 resolution AMOLED display
Exynos 9110 dual-core 1.15 GHz chip
4GB internal memory
Waterproof housing up to 5 meters
7 days battery life, low energy mode
The cellular connection (e-SIM), where you can access all your information,
63 grams weight (46 mm), 49 grams weight (42 mm)



            Samsung Galaxy Watch Introduced! Here All Features

Galaxy Watch Turkey deals:

The Samsung Galaxy Wath 46 mm version is available for sale at 2199 TL and the 42 mm version is sold at Samsung stores and contracted points for 1999.