Water Evidence in Jupiter, Great Red Spot

NASA continues its search for water for Jupiter, and according to scientists, water evidence on the planet may be hidden in the Great Red Spot.

Jupiter is one of the most characteristic planets of the Solar System and the largest at the same time. These features also allowed Jupiter to turn the eyes of science into Jupiter, and in recent years, NASA has done a lot of important work. Finally, NASA began to explore the planet's atmosphere, and now it has begun its search for water.

In the past NASA research, Jupiter's suit Europa was found to have traces of water vapor. At the same time, many other satellites of the planet are covered with ice. This leads to the possibility of water on a planet with so many traces of water in its suites.

This idea is based on research by Gordon Bjoraker, an astrophysicist at NASA. Bjoraker and his research team used updated information from both Juno about Jupiter as well as information from the world's most sensitive infrared telescope at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Thanks to this data, thermal radiation leaks were detected from the depths of the Great Red Spot.

The team, combining data on the abundance of oxygen and hydrogen on the planet with this leak, has identified the conditions necessary for water to form in Jupiter. Team; He believes that knowledge of water in Jupiter will make it easier to understand the formation of the planet.


In order to get this information, it is necessary to know how much water is on the planet, and it needs to be studied for a long time.
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Juno enters Jupiter orbit every 53 days and transmits new information from the gas giant to the world. Bjoraker and his research team are also hoping that with the upcoming new information, Juno will confirm the existence of water on the planet.