Waves Centralized Stock Exchange 5 Million Daily Dispatch Now! Traders Transforming to Centralized Stock Exchange

From the leading intelligent contract blockchains Waves, a radical change has occurred in the client's design, user experience and the internal engine of the decentralized stock market. The reason for Waves' such a change is obvious; to attract both standard and professional crypto traders.

Benefits of the Centennial Stock Exchange

Due to the scandals of Cambridge Analytica in 2018, mainly on Facebook and was one of the most talked about topics in the technology sector.

In the crypto money market, even on platforms that do not deal with reputable money and bank accounts, and where only crypto money is traded, users can not use their passport information, address, social security number, identity information, and so on.

The obvious weaknesses of the central stock exchanges pushed most users to a stock exchange without a spot, and the demand for centralized stock exchange for a few months passed steadily. This demand ultimately led the central stock exchanges like Binance to begin working to build their own decentralized stock exchanges to compete with decentralized stock exchanges such as Waves DEX .

Changes in Waves DEX [19659007] At the forefront of the disadvantages of decentralized stocks was the incredibly useless user interface and the system engine that created a challenging ecosystem for day traders.

Waves DEX developers to meet Waves DEX and increase the liquidity of the stock market With this drastic change they made, we can say that they completely changed the watchlist, order book, open order and order submission sections.

The Waves centralized stock market has already begun to see $ 5 million in daily trading volume,

The stock market, which wants to appeal to professional traders, also offers the possibility of easily evaluating previous transactions, a detailed trading history, a look at the number of tokens available, and more efficient categorization opportunities for crypto trading parcels.

19659008] Timothy Tam and Kyber Network CEO, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and later CEO of Coinfi ' In an interview with Loi Luu both were the user experience of the biggest weakness of the central stock exchanges

Luu said on this topic:

"I think it is because the basic reason is that the user interface is not good enough. Users are not nervous enough with the Centralized Stock Exchange. They are more accustomed to the stock exchange like Binance and Bittrex. Basically this is why we want to make it easier for users to use. We do not focus on the central element of the stock market. Instead, we focus on the usability of the stock market. "

Similarly, Waves seems to be focused on the user interface and usability of its own decentralized stock market. The basic reason for this is to provide a platform where users can seamlessly perform crypto money transactions. $ waves community wants #waves DEX as a separate Founding partner of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum the center of Vitalik Buterin

The CEO of Binanc e CZ responded to Vitalik today after he was insulted by the stock exchange "go to hell" :

"Obviously I want these centralized crypto money exchanges to go to hell as soon as possible. If you look at the rationale, it is very difficult to become decentralized, especially when you receive cryptographic monetary services because you are entering the world of money in a certain way and there are only centralized gateways in that world.

CZ states that this term is very ugly, and that if the central stock market had not been, the crypto money industry would now be in very different places.