Ways to Increase Download Speed ​​on Steam

When you buy a new game from Steam and start downloading it excitedly, the slow download speed is quite frustrating. To solve this problem, we have compiled ways to increase Steam download speed.

You know the excitement of buying a new game on Steam; you go to your library, choose the game and ‘Load’ You click the button. When it takes care of everything and the download starts slow download speed is that If you do, you might be very disappointed at that moment.

In this guide we prepared for you, we wanted to ensure that you do not lose your new game excitement, and we explained how you can increase the download speed on Steam. By trying the following methods, you can increase the speed of Steam download by a lot, if not by very large amounts.

Steam download speed boosting methods:

  • Method # 1: Change download region
  • Method # 2: Make the bandwidth unlimited
  • Method # 3: Try a LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi
  • Method # 4: Close other programs that use the Internet

Method # 1: Change the download region

steam download speed increase methods

  • Step # 1: Open Steam and click the Steam text in the upper left corner and go to Settings.
  • Step # 2: Click Downloads in the Settings window.
  • Step # 3: Click on the zone from the download zone settings panel
  • Step # 4: Tick ​​one of the options Turkey-Izmir, Turkey- Istanbul or Turkey-Ankara.

In some cases, the server Steam is trying to download may not be the one closest to you. If you do not see the options in Turkey, our country can also select one of the countries with the closest server and Steam download speed boost You can apply the method.

Method # 2: Make the bandwidth unlimited

steam download speed boost

  • Step # 1: Go to Steam’s Settings.
  • Step # 2: Scroll down to Download Restrictions in the Downloads section.
  • Step # 3: If there is a check in Limit bandwidth, remove it.

While playing with Steam settings before, you may have limited the bandwidth that Steam will have when downloading.

Method # 3: Try a LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi

LAN connection

If you’re downloading your downloads over a wireless connection, the problem might be caused by this. From your modem to your laptop LAN cable We recommend that you contact Steam download speed boost Besides, it will be possible to increase your general internet speed.

Method # 4: Close other programs that use the Internet

steam download speed increase way

Programs running in the background and using the internet on your computer will cause slow speed because they pull data from the internet even if they do not make large downloads. For this reason, when downloading on Steam, turn off and we recommend that you free up your bandwidth.

Thus Steam download speed boost We have come to the end of our content in which we explain the ways. Please do not forget to state your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. Also to our official Telegram channel from here You can subscribe.