We can edit our Google Advertising Data

Google answers many questions about how users are confident that their data is safe.

Responding to questions about how personal data is being used for advertising, Google is committed to helping users better understand why they see certain ads and help them control their experience. announced many innovations. Philippe de Lurand Pierre-Paul, Google product manager, stated that users are aware of what they are concerned about which data is being used for advertising.

According to Paul, these innovations from Google will make all of their concerns worse. In the recent period, the subject of data privacy has been talked about after the serialization, so everyone is aware that their data is circulating in circulation and waiting for an answer.

In particular, Europe has secured the rights of its users with a strict privacy law that we use in the past days, and big companies such as Facebook and Google have to update themselves by taking measures in this matter. they stayed. Google will allow users to observe users' data with this new application.



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Users will now be able to enter their Google Accounts, click on Ads Settings, and see what their data is being used for. It is now possible to remove what we want by browsing the detailed lists. On this basis, Google will not be able to use any of your information as an advertising display without your permission.

How can we edit these settings?

First you need to log in to the Google My Account menu.
After that, you'll need to access the Ads settings from the Personal Information and Privacy menu, which is located immediately below.

Once you've entered ad settings, you'll be taken to the Manage Ad Settings tab.

After that, you will have the information that is used for the opposite ad. From this section you can look at all the information in detail and edit the data you do not want to use.

These settings need to be regularly used by all of us because we have a lot of knowledge about them, and they are actually using this information in a form of our own. You can also secure your data with a simple setup.