We Should Be An Example of Vietnam in Combating Coronavirus

Maria Van Kerkhove, World Health Organization’s new team leader in the fight against coronavirus, said that Vietnam is an exemplary country to combat the epidemic. In a country of 96 million inhabitants, after a long break, the first virus-related death was recorded last Friday.

The new type that appeared in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and soon affected the world. coronaviruses The epidemic continues to spread across the world without slowing down. According to the World Health Organization data, while a new record is broken every day in the number of daily cases, the number of cases worldwide To 18.3 million in the past.

People leaving the measures early in Europe and many other regions, “Is there a second wave?” brings to mind the question. On the other hand, in the fight against epidemic discretion will be countries don’t exist either. If it’s one of these countries, the first death from coronavirus occurred on Friday, after a long break. Vietnamese.

World Health Organization: We must take Vietnam as an example in the fight against coronavirus

Vietnam coronavirus

Speaking at a press conference today, Maria Van Kerkhove, the leader of the World Health Organization’s new anti-coronavirus team, Vietnam about combating the epidemic sample Getting required stated that it is a country.

Vietnam fast and Large comprehensive Emphasizing that he is moving, Van Kerkhove “They have a system that can help control the outbreak. This is a system we should see in all countries. Vietnam has enormous experience in fighting infectious diseases. ” used expressions.

In addition to Van Kerkhove, Director of the World Health Organization Emergency Program Dr. Michael Ryan He also spoke of praise about Vietnam’s virus-fighting process. Vietnam’s new type of coronavirus with very light burden and low mortality that he gave no chance by Dr. Ryan also underlined that the country is doing everything possible to prevent major incidents.


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For the first time in Vietnam with a population of 96 million, after a long break Friday, July 31 The first death from coronavirus was recorded on. Tourism city, after the detection of new cases In Da Nang is Vietnam, which has closed the entrance of tourists for 14 days, has been living in the city in order to prevent the epidemic from spreading throughout the country. 1.1 million people will undergo a coronavirus test It has announced.

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