"We will give you a bottle application and take wafer"

The ministry said that the use of paid pouches decreased the use of pouches by 70% and that it would be possible to get wafers by depositing the bottle when the deposit application entered our lives.

Minister Murat Kurum, paid plastic bags and made important statements about the application of deposit. Noting that the use of paid plastic bags reduced the use of bags by 70%, the Institution spoke about the deposit application as follows


            Paid Bag Application Resulted: Pouch Use Decreased 70%

oş In this context, we paid our plastic bags. Hopefully in 2021 we will go into the deposit application. What were we doing? We used to take milk bottles to the grocery store, we were getting chocolate wafers. We will also separate our waste at the source. Use of our plastic bags decreased by 70 percent. In this way, we protect our environment and health. We leave better cities for our children. Un

The Minister said that they would eliminate the garbage problem with the storage facilities they created and added, 900 We do regular storage facilities in all of our cities. When we come to the year 2023, we want to move to a system where the garbage will be stored on a regular basis. We need to put an end to this storage. In the 21st century, we moved to zero waste project. Together with the zero waste project, in 14 thousand public institutions and establishments, we separate our wastes at the source. We also composted other organic wastes and used them in our gardens and plants in our parks. "We want to no longer no county, no garbage truck, no source, the source of all kinds of garbage," he explained in the words of the statement.