WebAssembly 2021: Workshops on Wasm modules with Rust and on SPAs with Blazor

To accompany the online conference on WebAssembly on August 31st heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag Two full-day workshops in September: On September 1, the focus is on Wasm modules for the browser with Rust, and on September 10, interested parties will learn in a crash course on Blazor WebAssembly 6.0 how to use .NET and C # to create real single-page Web apps developed.

Both workshops provide an in-depth introduction to Wasm and show how to use the technology together with a programming language like Rust. The focus is on the practical use and the knowledge of how WebAssembly helps developers to advance their own projects.

In this workshop, the participants learn the basics of Rust using the example of the development of Wasm modules. In the mornings you will work out the most important concepts of the programming language with the Rust and Wasm-experienced workshop leader Rainer Stropek. The focus is on language functions that are particularly relevant for Wasm. In the afternoon it goes to the browser with Wasm and Rust.

The trainer conveys the basics using clear examples. Then the group of participants works together to create a larger, consistent example. According to the current “State of WebAssembly” survey, Rust is the most used programming language for Wasm modules: Anyone who takes part in the workshop will understand why.

Using a practical scenario (task management “MiracleList”), the workshop offers a compact introduction to SPA programming with Blazor and WebAssembly. The Blazor 6.0 version announced for November 2021, which is currently still in the preview phase, will be dealt with. Those who take part get to know the architecture and the essential concepts of SPA programming practically with C # and Blazor Wasm and are then able to write their first Blazor applications themselves.

With Blazor WebAssembly, developers from the .NET and C # environment can now program real SPAs that run on the basis of the Wasm Virtual Machine in every modern browser. Wasm normally does not have access to a browser’s DOM. With Blazor, Microsoft has broken this limitation, so that less JavaScript is necessary than before. In the workshop, the trainer shows in which cases JavaScript is still required.

Both workshops take place live all day as an online event; participation costs 449 euros each (plus 19% VAT). If you are interested in the technical requirements and the exact agenda, you will find what you are looking for on the event website for the Wasm conference. For the conference day on August 31, an early booking phase will run until August 17, during which conference tickets are available at a reduced price of 149 euros (plus VAT).


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