Webtekno 2021 New Year’s Draw Concluded: Here are the Winners

The results of our raffle, which we launched on December 30, 2020, and will give gifts to 65 people, including PlayStation 5, have been announced. We explain our followers who won the gifts.

We held our New Year’s draw, which became a tradition after the challenging year 2020. This year’s gift list included PlayStation 5, two computers, Mi Band 4, digital codes and Webtekno cups that our followers have been asking for for a long time.

Our draw, which ended on Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 23:59 97 thousand 16 people participated in 10 days. There were 4 conditions in total in our lottery and fulfilling each condition provided 1 participation right. 97 thousand 16 new followers, realizing as much as they wish, in total 309 thousand 261 participation rights they got it. Also in total 2632 entries were deemed invalid because they did not comply with the rules.

Our followers who won the Webtekno 2021 New Year’s Lottery:

Regarding the delivery of their gifts to our followers who are on the winners list above “[email protected]”with extension An e-mail will be sent from each address. If you receive e-mails from addresses with different extensions indicating that you won the lottery, do not rely.

The winners who do not return to the e-mail within 7 days will lose their chance as stated in the lottery rules. If the noble winners determined for two desktop computers with PlayStation 5 & RDRII do not return within 7 days from the e-mail they received, the substitute winners will be contacted for gifts.

We would like to thank all our followers who participated in the Webtekno 2021 New Year’s lottery:

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