Weiss Ratings: Bitcoin retreat near

Bitcoin, which has surpassed the 200-day moving average with a significant rise in early April, has remained stable for several days in the range of 5000 to 5100.

The fact that Bitcoin has been standing for several days after a hard rise has made the life of the rising wave questionable. The rating company, Weiss Ratings, claims that Bitcoin is close to withdrawal.

The company suggested that a post on its official Twitter account would cost Bitcoin $ 4,000, the last trade price on March 26th. Not an important criterion or parameter to support this prediction, Weiss Ratings stated that the market was] overbought st in the short term, saying ”Our model is pointing to this.”

Bitcoin climbing up to $ 5470 on Bitstamp on 10 April, followed by 4900s. did some correction by tapping. Now we wonder whether this fix will continue. The biggest crypto money is bought and sold at $ 1870 (18.00) at the time of broadcasting

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