Whales transported billions of dollars of Bitcoin to Binance

Bitcoin, the world's largest crypto currency, has grown significantly by more than 100 percent since the beginning of the year. This increase in price and market boundary has been one of the reasons why the ecosystem has become more active thanks to more development and participation from ecosystem users.

$ 3.25 billion
Bitcoin moved to Binance wallet!

A recent tweet revealed that the fluctuation of the BTC resulted in the transfer of several crypto currencies to multiple wallets and exchanges. However, this is not an unseen event, since reports of major movements have become the norm since the end of the mass movement.

A series of large Bitcoins in block 580237 for a total of 496,261,034 BTC cycles.
transfer. 2.8% of this total circulation
Creating. But what surprises users is that 407,357 out of all transactions
Seven transactions corresponding to BTC have been sent to a known Binance wallet
It was not. The current curiosity of Binance
whether he will make a comment on this.

Alex Kruger: “There's a huge amount of Bitcoin movement.”

This whale movement was also mentioned by Alex Kruger, a popular crypto currency processor and economist who pointed out that it was a miktar large amount of Bitcoin movement ”. . Binance's impact on the crypto currency field is known.


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