What Are The Cities That Keep Fast As Hours?

The first fast of the month of Ramadan is held as of today. However, Muslims in different countries fast for different lengths. So why? Even citizens in Sinop in Turkey, although they remain little more difficult to keep in Hatay those fasting.

Ramadan monthIt officially started as of today, and Muslims all over the world will fast for a month starting today. Although fasting is a common worship for all Muslims, it is different lengths of fasting by Muslims in different positions is required.

A Muslim living in Oslo, the capital and largest city of Norway, is about 18 hours 10 minutes while fasting until; The inhabitants of Melbourne, Australia, the southernmost city in the world with a population of more than 1 million, 12 hours 8 minutes they will fast. So why do people living in different cities fast for different periods?

Fasting periods in different cities of the world:

fasting lengths


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There are two main reasons for this difference. First; The earth is not flat like a tray, a sphere-like geoid to have the shape. The second is the Earth’s slightly slanting of the axis of rotation be the case. These two reasons, in the current season cities in the north receive more light than those in the south. why, as a result, those in the north have to fast more.

Sahur from all over the world and according to the Islamic Finder website where you can learn the iftar times, which is the northernmost city in Turkey, Sinop, the longest fasting this year 16 hours 24 minutes handle. Turkey’s southern Hatay province, which is this time 16 hours 17 minutes it will be. Muslims living in Norilsk, Russia, the northernmost city in the world with a population of more than 100,000 22 hours 20 minutes while fasting; Those living in Ushuaia, Argentina, which is considered the southernmost city in the world, are the most 10 hours 36 minutes they will fast.