What Are the Differences Between RAM, ROM and Internal Memory?

Do you know exactly what the concepts of RAM, ROM and internal memory on smartphones mean? We have compared these three concepts for you.

When we talk about phones, often the memory bet. We talk sometimes from RAM, sometimes from ROM or internal storage. But do we know exactly what they are? Let's look at the differences between these three.


The Random Access Memory, RAM, which is the Random Access Memory, does not keep in the information.

RAMs store the necessary information for a temporary period of time. These include the operating system and applications running in the background. The amount of RAM determines the number of multitasking tasks you can perform on the device. So if you have more RAM, you can work with so many applications at the same time.


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ROMs are a special kind of RAM. The information is not deleted even when power is cut off in this RAM type which is 'Read only Memory' which means 'Read Only Memory'. Unlike hard disks in ROMs, the contents of the operating system are usually stored here because it takes the same amount of time to reach all memory sections.

Examples of ROMs that can not be overwritten on CDs and DVDs, console ROMs are examples of writable ones

In older smartphones, the unmodifiable part of the operating system, phone manufacturers have put the name of the ROM in the device memory. However, this naming is not correct.

Internal Storage

There are two basic types of internal memories that come to mind on today's smartphones: eMMC and UFS. As mentioned above, these two memory types have been replaced by ROMs and the parts that should not be replaced have been taken over by software. All the information you have stored in eMMC or UFS storage areas, all the photos and videos you take will stay there until you delete them. You can play as many times as you like on them and write them over and over again.

So this amount of RAM and the amount of ROM statement is wrong. Instead, internal storage should be used.


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To summarize;

RAMs are the operating system and the applications you use. Everything is deleted when you close your phone.
ROMs are used where it is not possible to write on the phone: it is like a major part of the operating system.
Internal memory is where all your personal information, photos and videos are stored. You can write and change as many times as you like.