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In the growing online trade and more impersonal shopping, the unpacking experience is playing an increasingly important role. Smurfit Kappa supports brands in finding the balance between the requirements for sustainability and a special one Unpacking and branding experience and is already working with a large number of internationally active fashion companies and mail order companies in the field of sustainable packaging. For the study, carried out by Longitude (a Financial Times company) on behalf of Smurfit Kappa 1,500 consumers were interviewed.

The survey focused on sustainable packaging that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable under natural conditions. In all current developments, Smurfit Kappa also pays attention to the special design requirements of the products to be transported, because unboxing is an elementary part of the product experience.

Sustainable packaging: 80,000 companies rely on solutions from Smurfit Kappa

The Smurfit Kappa eFashion portfolio includes a wide range of lightweight, postage-optimized cardboard boxes through to easy-to-open packaging solutions with integrated return elements. Non-square shapes and designs round off the portfolio and are an alternative for brands that focus on the unpacking experience or want to protect sensitive textiles separately. Around 80,000 companies worldwide work with Smurfit Kappa today, including well-known brands, mail order companies and fashion houses such as SMCP with the brands Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot. The Smurfit Kapp fashion portfolio includes the following sustainable packaging:

Corrugated cardboard eShoe boxes: This box solves the inefficiency that a shoebox is traditionally shipped in an additional outer box. The new shoe box is versatile and was designed for two different purposes: firstly as a traditional shoe box for use in retail and secondly as e-commerce packaging that protects the contents throughout the entire supply chain. This dual-function packaging is therefore a more sustainable solution, as it uses significantly less material and saves valuable space compared to a conventional shoe box that is shipped in an outer box solution.

Height-adjustable packaging: Height-adjustable packaging is particularly suitable for e-commerce companies that ship products in different sizes, as they are a cost-effective alternative to using multiple boxes of different sizes. This versatility makes it possible to minimize packaging inventory and reduce empty space. Height-adjustable packaging is designed with several folds or prefabricated grooves on the sides of the box, through which the height can be individually adjusted. By simply folding in the fold at the desired height, you can quickly create your own packaging in a custom size.

Reusable postal packaging: Research has shown that when a package is easy to return, 46 percent of consumers will return to shopping and referring recommendations to their family and friends. By using reusable postal packaging, consumers have both a positive unpacking experience and an easy return, which improves the overall online shopping experience.

Cardboard pillow packaging: Sustainable cardboard packaging is particularly suitable for protecting small products in the e-commerce supply chain. They can be designed in such a way that they have the appropriate dimensions for letterboxes and thus enable simple and uncomplicated delivery of deliveries. Alternatively, they can also be designed with an integrated handle. This is useful for all customers who pick up their goods in the store.

Hexagon packaging: These packaging boxes are a striking eye-catcher for the presentation of products. To emphasize the brand identity, hexagon packaging is fully customizable and can be printed on all six sides as well as on the two end faces. This packaging is ideal for flat products such as coats that can be rolled up and packed compactly. Despite their special shape, hexagon packaging is easy to set up. They are shipped flat to maximize storage space and minimize transportation costs.

Shapes, colors and designs are a question of quantity

Completely individualized packaging with complex printing is often a question of the quantities required, as effective economies of scale arise in the context of production processes and more complex packaging solutions can also be produced at attractive prices. In order to still be able to offer a large number of successful shipping packaging for companies of all sizes and shapes, Smurfit Kappa Since last year, we have also been offering sustainable packaging in small quantities in our own online shop, which can be delivered with within a few working days. (sg)

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