What Happened When You Gained $ 1000 in Apple's Feet in 2007?

Apple has reached a market value of $ 1 trillion in the past days.

Technology giant Apple succeeded in winning first place as the company that reached the first $ 1 trillion of the race with other giants. Apple, which reached market value in excess of $ 1 trillion by August 2, 2018, is now around $ 207 per share in 2007.

Apple, which reached $ 1 trillion in 11 years with an increase of 1118%, ranked 17th in the national income has reached more market value than our country. Today, Turkey is the world's largest economy by 850 billion dollars in value list 17 ranks. Behind Samsung and Huawei in smartphone sales, Apple has tripled Samsung's $ 290 billion in market value.


            Steve Jobs's Thanksgiving Message from Apple's CEO, who reached a Trillion Dollar Market Value

How much money would you have today if you bought a $ 1,000 Apple feeling on the first iPhone sale?

Considering both Apple's rise and the dollar's appreciation, 45 Apple sentences were received in June 2007 for 1,000 TL; today it is 47.506 TL. In the meantime: The dollar was at the 1.3 level for the given date. Having posted a thank-you message from Steve Jobs after this great achievement, Apple continues to grow at full speed.