What Is Anhedonia?

We all want to feel good during the day. Even when something goes wrong, we want the effect to pass quickly and we want to return to our normal pleasant life as soon as possible. Even if the setbacks pass, there is a disease that prevents you from returning to your former pleasant self, anhedonia. Because of anhedonia, you become numb to the things you once enjoyed, and you begin to be unable to enjoy life no matter how much you want it.

From anything you do during the day that you don’t even want to meet with your friends you don’t enjoy ever happened? I’m sure you’ve experienced these many times when you feel bad, but all these feelings are In a short time You didn’t feel the need to think about it because it disappeared.

Although these feelings come and go for most people, some people feel that they cannot enjoy life in any way, no matter what they do. into a vicious circle it is entering. Medical literature calls this vicious circle anhedonia. It is called the inability to enjoy or enjoy life. anhedoniAlthough it may seem like a simple disorder at first glance, it is actually a serious disorder that makes depression much worse and reduces the quality of life to the bottom.

What is anhedonia?


Yunanca’da an; whine without meaning, hedoni pleasure It means. When we look at the word simply “seedy” We make sense of it, but it’s much more serious than that. Anhedonia, one of the biggest symptoms of major depression, inability to enjoy anything done in life is the status.

There are activities in our daily life that make us feel good. Some of us do yoga, some of us play games, some of us read books in order to distract ourselves, have fun or feel peaceful. As soon as any of these cease to give us pleasure can be replaced by other activities, we continue on our way.


Unfortunately, the situation in anhedonia cannot be overlooked so simply. No matter what we do, we become numb to the things we once did with excessive amusement, can’t feel anything related to pleasure we will be. Even preparing with great care and meeting with our friends does not make us happy anymore.

Anhedonia is divided into two groups: social and physical. While physical anhedonia causes you to no longer enjoy eating or a drink you once loved, it can also occur in more severe cases. losing interest in physical contact It can even reduce the desire for sexual intercourse.

Social anhedonia, on the other hand, as the name suggests, causes the person to be unable to enjoy their social life. Chatting with friends, chatting, partying together is no longer as interesting as it used to be, and it does not allow the person to experience even the slightest excitement. We have all gone through such a period, albeit briefly, but we imagining that we are constantly living in a vicious circle enough to understand the gravity of the situation.

Anhedonia symptoms


Although anhedonia is a very serious condition, it can lead to depression or make existing depression worse can bring. Therefore, instead of diagnosing yourself by looking at the symptoms we have given below, take note of what symptoms you are experiencing We recommend that you consult experts. As with many diseases, anhedonia is a psychological disorder that can be treated by specialist doctors.

  • Having negative feelings towards oneself and others
  • Withdrawal from social life and bilateral relations
  • Willingness not to show their reactions openly
  • Introversion
  • Do not hesitate to contact
  • Decreased desire for sexual intercourse
  • Tendency to show false emotions
  • being sick often
  • Changing eating habits
  • constant state of tension

Factors leading to anhedonia


Psychiatrists and psychologists, anhedonia often a symptom of depression defines as. Jessica Stern, a psychologist at New York University, stated that depression is not the only reason; “People can get anhedonia without depression, but it’s not possible to diagnose just by looking at it.” gives statements.

Susan Albers-Bowling, also an American psychiatrist, negative emotions such as grief and anxiety He states that it can lead to anhedonia and that this disease may be linked to some mental illnesses such as substance abuse, schizophrenia, anorexia and Parkinson’s.


Many articles describing the links between the Internet, social media, and anhedonia indicate that excessive gaming and social media addict It is stated that being a child can lead to depression first and then to anhedonia. For example, a young man in Psychology Today describing how he overcame anhedonia said that he first experienced depression and then anhedonia symptoms due to his gaming addiction.

The brain of patients with anhedonia works a little differently than normal people. The amygdala, which is responsible for processing emotions, helps convey emotions such as pleasure and pleasure, thanks to dopamine in a normal human brain. To put it simply, when you eat a delicious hamburger, your brain tells you. pleasure signals is sending. In the opinion of many experts, it is in the brains of people with anhedonia. these signals are not working properlyr.

Anhedonia treatment


There is no cure for anhedonia per se, says psychiatrist Albers-Bowling. To treat anhenodynia, First we need to get to the root of the problem. he continues in his statement. As I mentioned earlier, anhedonia is most often described as a symptom of depression, and in such cases it is first eliminating what’s causing depression needs.

People with this disease should of course seek help from specialists. While only therapy sessions are sufficient for some patients, medication may be necessary. In such a situation, the first thing you will do is to be determined to heal, to get rid of this disease that has dragged you into an endless pit, and consult a specialist for help.

Editor’s note:

Recently, while watching America’s Got Talent (the US version of Talent You’re Turkey), I watched a performance by a young woman whose cancer had spread to her kidneys, lungs and spinal cord. Of course, we all have different problems and pain. But this difference does not change the dimensions of the pain we suffer and the troubled situation we are in, we all feel sad, cry and feel empty in the same way.

The performance of this woman named Nightbirde was really impressive. She had such a beautiful voice that she even managed to get a Golden Buzz from Simon. What impressed me the most is not her voice or the song she wrote, but after her performance ended. a slapstick effect It was a short sentence. While we are talking about this subject, I wanted to share with you these words that impressed me very much and that I think will cause a little stir in you; “One should not expect that life is not that hard so that I can be so happy.”

You can watch Nightbirde’s performance below. The young woman utters the sentence in question at the 5th minute and 12th second of the video.

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