What is Nazar and Nazar? Causes

I don't know if Nazara has any faith in it. However, my
I have a lot of faith in, together, I'm constantly looking for. Nazar
what is
and what you are looking for?
I recommend you to read until the end. First of all, we should note that
is a belief that dates back thousands of years. Look in the dictionary, envy
it is quite old. Nazar is not just a phenomenon that applies to people.
It is a negative frequency that can be valid in plants and animals. Sponsored Links

The evil eye is a negative energy emitted by the eye. Büyük büyük Elem sweat plug, swollen to the eyes ’’ They are great. In fact, this word is ominous and is to protect the eyes from the evil eye. Ur ud You look so beautiful today olay başına or bar When you hear words like sizin How beautiful you are sizin ’’ A negative event for you or the glass is the result of the evil eye. In our current life, we may encounter similar situations. It is even feared by certain people who say such words. Among the public, some of the people who have high evil power; blue eyes, eyes squint and teeth are sparse.

 The Evil Eye
What is the Nazar

Causes of the Cause

Along with the evil eye, the focus is on focusing on a single point.
Well nazara
What are the causes
? Here are some of the situations that attract attention

  • Beauty or handsome
  • To have striking facial features
  • Newly engaged couples
  • Newborn babies
  • Successful people
  • Successful students
  • People who are interested in their skills
  • Jealousy and incapacity cases

Positive Factors

The evil eye is not always evolving in bad faith. Who
it can even be caused by time. It is even such a fact; most
time can even touch one's self. Mother and child
Did you know that his father's eye touched him? The positive cause of the cause
Let us give a small example of the factors:

you will visit. You've drawn a baby profile in your dream and visit
You go. When you see the baby more beautiful and cute than you imagine
you have encountered a view. So you both stuck and looked at. Actually
even if your intention is not bad, you may want to see the baby unintentionally.

Negative Factors

Sometimes we realize that we emit negative energy
we don't even arrive. The necklace you see on your close friend's neck is
Like. Maybe even his wife or her lover
You covet. At this point, you emit a negative energy from the internal causes
. A few days pass and your friend
He says his necklace is broken or lost. Negative like this

How the Evil Eye can be understood

An m I wonder if I came to the Nazara [tedir, ğı yol You came to Nazara naz in
we use or often use lyrics. In fact, the evil eye
show itself. Especially people with intense mental sensitivity
he understands immediately. About himself in the evil eye
There are some symptoms showing. Unexplained tension, insomnia,
energy loss, loss of balance, stuttering, tinnitus, constant distress,
acne, boils or various pains in the skin
some are symptoms.

To be realistic about the evil eye, in some cases, an effort can be made to try to escape from the facts by linking everything to people. For example; The fact that some housewives are broken even if the plates are broken t landır We have come to the Nazara n gel is an example of this situation. To protect from obstruction, you should read a lot of blessing, if you have a state of extreme evil, you should carry a prayer of conscience and purify your environment with smells and fragrances.