What is the Greatest Disaster in History 'Greenhouse World'?

If you are currently 20 or older, there is a significant change that you notice: The air temperatures have increased dramatically and the seasons have become quite unbalanced. As global warming and climate change we have an end in these affects. These young men will probably have to endure this result.

Young people today and younger generations before us will be the killing of future generations. It is painful but true, it is hard to imagine, but the truth is: the world is dying, people are going to die.

Year 2300. The hurricanes that will overtake the big cities are not so weak as to lose power when they land on the sea. Events such as drought and forest fires, which are now very busy with televisions, are nowhere near the headlines. The equatorial region is now a potential hell. For this reason, people began to shift to the polar regions.

The global temperature average has risen by 4-5 degrees Celsius, and this rise has increased the sea level by 10 to 60 meters over time. In other words, all the coastal cities that are lower than 10 meters today are flooded. Now the new world has a new name: Greenhouse Planet.

You are reading a doomsday film script, and if everything goes on like this, we describe the world your grandkids will live in. A scientific article published on August 6 shows the end of the Earth as such.

Science has always told us that nature can recover itself. Yes, indeed it is. If mankind is destroyed from the earth now, nature will start to recover itself, but it has so many blows that it has a limit. People, like the soldiers who attacked a beehive we can look like to the world, have settled on him and took away his hope of living. Scientists in the aforementioned research have been told that the natural conditions that keep the Earth still cool are a threshold temperature. This threshold is an average temperature limit. If we pass, the world's guard will fall, everything will start to come off as a sock disassembly. Our planet – perhaps you know it by now – will turn into a greenhouse. The life-giving atmosphere will start to take on life now.

In fact, countless studies of the past 10 years have shown that we are at the beginning of the 6th mass extinction in the world history of 4.7 billion years. There is a difference in this disappearance from the heavens that destroy dinosaurs or from the glacial ages: A creature that lives on earth for the first time triggers death with its own hands.

Let's go back to the concept of "threshold" that the last researcher mentioned. Right now scientists continue to work even if they know exactly what this spike is. In the near future we will be able to predict when real disasters will begin. Still, there is one thing you need to keep in mind: If the world gets 2 degrees Celsius warmer, our return is very difficult.

The Paris Treaty, signed by 179 nations, has pledged to reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change. This deal has been over 2 years. The new US under Trump's presidency has announced that it will withdraw from this deal. increase in-including temperature levels in all other countries -Turkey have promised to keep the 1.5 degrees Celsius around. [19659003] threshold concept laid out the scientific studies of the authors of Stockholm University professor Johan Rockströ I, "we must never reached 2 degrees Celsius limit," he says.

Is humanity the victim or the murderer of the Earth in the cycle of disasters?

In the last 1 million years, there has been an ice age every 100,000 years in the world. Our planet left the last glacial age about 12,000 years ago. Scientists call it the Holocene that we are now in. Natural systems are working to ensure that the world is balanced even in the glacial times of this life cycle.

Due to the enormous impact of people on the climate and the environment, the name of the present geological era is being discussed as Antroposene. This concept will be the scientific name of the most deadly age in which natural cycle failures arise from human activities. If carbon emissions are not reduced, the Earth will exit the ice age cycle, the Greenhouse Planet.

Today 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels that are burned are destroyed by vegetation, forests and other living things in the oceans. It seems to work out if we lower the release by half, but we people are officially gambling. We are still continuing to cut the trees and destroy the forests. All of this is killing forests that are already working to destroy the amount of emissions we have not reduced. The seas are filled with plastic wastes, hundreds of kilograms of garbage are emerging from the oceanic whaler's stables. Mankind is like a human being who is accumulating garbage in his own room, consuming tobacco products without opening the windows. If you enter that room, you will choke.

There is even more. If we pass the mentioned threshold, the natural processes that are constructive will reverse and become destructive. This is the release of carbon from the forests, land and oceans.

Put the rocket fuel on the entropy process and hit the match:

Everything in the nature is distorted and disappears. This process is called entropy. Aging and ultimately dying is also an entropic process. The same thing applies to nature itself when you look at the tablon in general. After all the entropic processes that lived up to this time, the world could regroup. What is happening now is that people like to put gas instead of fire.

The work of Rockström and his team has enabled us to keep up to date with various natural feedbacks. For example, the rainfall cycle in the rainforest began to become infrequent. According to Rockström, we even have a giant drying machine in the rainforest. The end result is even more destructive than you might expect: Giant Hurricanes

Geography we live in is not a convenient region for the formation of hurricanes or floods. From this point of view, we can be luckier than Western America. If we think about it, we become selfish, because we live on the same planet. Nobody can guarantee that we will escape from the rising sea waters, the magnifying effect of the Sun.

The fact that the non-universals are nationalists is eliminating the only solution:

Rockström and his team say that by 2050, all carbon emissions must be stopped. So leave the petrol cars and thermal power stations, you will not even use deodorant. The bad news: Even this may not be enough. Now, things are getting a little radicalized, we are starting to get into the political and diplomatic side of the business.

One of the biggest problems in world history was nationalism, as hard as Hitler's Germany or Mussolini's Italian. Increasing racism in recent years has fueled "blind nationalism" in the world. This situation is reflected in the politics of the countries. Because they are from different nations, immigrants are not being accepted equally. Now, what do you think this situation is about with the catastrophic process above. Let's just say: If a gear in the system is not working, the system will crash. Mankind spends each other's time eating together.


            Fire coming out, II. A Giant Mark of Staying Out of the World War

Poor countries do not have enough economic power to reduce carbon emissions. To be away from a collective effort; it accelerates the process of extinction and also removes the chances of taking action. It should be reiterated that the US, which has become more radicalized at this point, has abandoned the Paris Treaty. The world's most powerful economy, the whole process is officially undermining. "In every region of the world, the process of carbonization must be initiated to secure ourselves on a stable planet," Rockström says.

We are expecting very important steps to be taken soon in the light of these scientific studies.