What is the Persuasion Art?

One of the most fundamental factors that reveal the personality of communication
The ability. While some have managed to communicate well with almost everyone,
For some, communicating with people is a problem. In daily life
one of the situations in which people are suffering the most in communication
the discussions. To accept or even persuade others
it is quite difficult. Some people convince da insanlar that they are highly successful
high ’’ is used. There is no doubt that some people
The success of the issue is even able to accept a mistake easily.
In this article what is the art of persuasion answers to the question
this problem if you are having trouble persuading people around you

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One of the outstanding features that you can win and have in life is its ability to convince. If you are successful in this matter, you have the key to both success and happiness. You can easily overcome most of the challenges if you can convince people to think as you think, to accept your truths and to be on your side in your decisions. Let me give you a small example; You know it's hard to persuade the old on some issues. If a grandmother has put her mind to give honey to the baby's pacifier, no force can easily tell her that it is wrong. I realized that I wasn't very good at convincing my mother to put my new nephew in mind that I was wrong. Especially if you are trying to persuade people who are still uneducated and constantly remembering their past lives, your job is a little more difficult. This example was simply a simple part of everyday life. Think of the difficulty of persuading people who have reached a certain level of culture in business life. At this point, I would like to make suggestions about the art of persuasion

Influencing Humanism with Persuasion Art

You have to be a little talented in this regard to make people believe and accept what you want. The ability to persuade will have to be high in daily life or in the business environment. When talking about the art of persuasion should not come to mind just convinced to talk to others. People who have the ability to persuade are also very good listeners.

 What is the art of persuasion
What is the art of persuasion

How you speak to the people you meet for the first time

It is important. If you don't know your name and you've just met, you can say İs yeni You iniz bil
If you appeal to the point of view will not be correct. ’’ You i bet
Start by addressing. When you learn the name as the chat progresses öğ r Ahmet Bey ikçe Sohbet
You can behave in style with a light smile. In this way

Eye Contact

The eyes are the mirror of the heart, they did not say wasted. persuasion
high people are people who can make the right eye contact.
Lack of self-confidence or lack of persuasion or eye contact
may be a symptom of speech. When chatting on something important,
You should be able to make eye contact for at least 1 minute to convince.

Option Submission

offer different options to the person to make him do something. In this way
one of the options you offer by creating option perception

Effective Body Language

If you want to convince the person about something
The way you use your language is important. The idea you want to accept
if you are determined and the other will insist
Use your body language if you want to make it think. For example;
you want to enter the private sector and your father does not accept
You're liable. Your father is now an individual and make the right decisions
keep your hands on your forehead to show that you can get upright and talk.
’’ I can do this job, dad, it helps you to support me ’‘
your father will be impressed by your upright posture.

Cinder the Weak Moment

To make people accept things that are hard to accept
The moment when the most accurate moment is weak. Slow by capturing a moment when the person is weak
Bring the slower subject to what you want and already have the head at another point

Every human being is a different thinker and a separation of opinion is for people. If you want to find a common point in a matter of fact, the right thing to do is to be honest and understanding. Review the characteristics of the person you want to persuade for the art of effective convincing . You can find a way to persuade him in a more knowledgeable way through a person's character.