What Is Ultrasound, How Does It Work, What Are The Types?

There are many curious questions about the subject such as what is ultrasound, how does it work, what are the types of ultrasound, which is a method applied especially in pregnant women and patients who are thought to have internal organ problems. We explained in detail what happened during, before and after the ultrasound procedure.

Doctors for many years ultrasound, They examine and diagnose their patients with the help of different devices such as MRI and tomography. Having a different place among these technologies, ultrasound is a technology that is used even for people with sensitive situations such as pregnancy.

Providing to see situations and problems that cannot be seen and detected by the human eye ultrasound, about health It can also be used to clear many different doubts. It is also used to control patients who are suspected of having different internal organ problems other than pregnancy. what is ultrasound, We answered questions such as how it works, what are the types.

ultrasound image

What is an ultrasound?

The ultrasound technology, which was developed in Austria in 1942 and whose full name is “ultrasonography”, means visualization with sound waves and echoes. That human ear cannot hear Sending sound waves at a frequency of 2 – 8 Mhz and transforms the situation inside the human body into a visual with echoes. The ultrasound device consists of a probe that sends and receives these sound waves and a central part that processes all the collected data.

Sound waves delivered to the body by the ultrasound device does not contain radiation It does not pose any danger to you. The frequency of the sound waves it sends and the ultrasound process vary according to the measurement intended by the doctors and the application is performed by sonography specialists.

How does the ultrasound work, how does the process work?

ultrasound specialist

Patients undergo ultrasound as hungry, full, drinking a lot of water or thirsty, depending on the situation your doctor wants to determine. The sonographer applies a special gel over the area to be examined for the probe to move freely. This gel is water-based, easy to clean and does not cause any harm.

The probe is moved over the area where the gel is applied and the sound waves are spread and reverberated to the whole area. In some cases the probe is pressed into the area being examined. The reason for this action without any harm, It is an effort to obtain an accurate visual by the sound waves hitting the suspect point exactly and rebounding.

As a result of the examination, a black and white, color or moving image is taken from the central processing unit of the device. Obtained report of the image is written by the expert and it is shown to the doctor who wants the examination. The report is examined by the doctor and it is determined whether there is any problem and a treatment is applied if necessary.

Types of ultrasound:

  • 2D ultrasound
  • Detailed ultrasound
  • 3 or 4 dimensional ultrasound
  • Color ultrasound
  • Internal ultrasound

2D ultrasound:

two-dimensional ultrasound

2D or also known as obsetric ultrasound, is a type of ultrasound used during standard examinations in pregnant women. Can be applied in any period of pregnancy This method of obtaining a 2-dimensional image is generally started after the 16th week. With 2-dimensional ultrasound, the general condition is checked, the baby’s heart is rested, and even gender can be determined.

Detailed ultrasound:

detailed ultrasound

Detailed, detailed ultrasound is a type of ultrasound that is frequently used in pregnant women to follow the baby’s body and organ development. In this procedure, where detailed images are obtained, the baby’s brain, skull, spine, heart, stomach, kidney, intestine, intra-thoracic organs. the development of its vital organs and the placenta Is controlled. If any problems are detected, different tests may be requested to clear the suspicion.

3 or 4 dimensional ultrasound:

three-dimensional ultrasound

3 or 4 dimensional ultrasound is not applied to pregnant women without detecting a significant problem on the outer surface of the baby. But Families who cannot be patient until birth, They may want this type of ultrasound to see their baby’s hand, arm, foot, leg, face, or even smile. With this type of ultrasound, the gender of the baby can be easily determined. However, since it is not a mandatory procedure, it is a more expensive type of application compared to other ultrasound types.

Color ultrasound:

color ultrasound

Color or Doppler ultrasound is generally used for expectant mothers who have had a risky pregnancy or Patients with suspected blood circulation is applied. Color ultrasound checks blood flow and the placenta. The colors in the image do not reflect reality. The colors that appear change as the blood flow approaches and moves away from the probe. It is not a mandatory procedure, it is specifically requested by doctors when a risky situation is suspected.

Internal ultrasound:

internal ultrasound

Internal ultrasound, for detecting situations invisible to the outside with the probe by placing an apparatus in the patient’s inner area It is the ultrasound method performed. Sound waves are sent to this area with a transducer sent into the vagina, into the rectum or into the esophagus, and the recoil is also transformed into an image in the central processing unit. It can be applied in the first months of pregnancy in pregnant women, but it is not a mandatory procedure.

In what situations is ultrasound used?

  • In pregnant women baby’s state of health It is used to learn and follow its development.
  • It is used for the detection of stones in the gall bladder and related diseases.
  • Any doubts in the heart dysfunction used to detect.
  • It is used for the detection and examination of diseases that may occur in the prostate and genital area.
  • It is used to investigate possible tumors in different soft spots of the breast and body.
  • Occurring in different parts of the body investigate infections using for.
  • It is used for the examination and investigation of diseases caused by the thyroid gland.
  • Muscle diseases It is used for examinations about.
  • It is used in cyst and biopsy treatments to enable the imaging of needle-based procedures.

how the ultrasound works

The above situations are generally situations where different types of ultrasound are used. Of course for detecting different problems and ailments There are times when ultrasound is used, or when ultrasound is not used for the above conditions. With the direction of your doctor, it will be revealed whether this process is necessary or not.

Especially used in pregnant women and patients with suspected internal organ problems. What is ultrasound, how does it work, what are its types We have answered the curious questions for you. With your doctor’s guidance, you will be comfortable using devices such as ultrasound, it will be enough to trust your doctor.