What is Virtual POS Service weepay?

Virtual POS software, which you can buy for e-commerce sites through banks, now comes to your feet with weepay in a much more effortless and short time. Let's take a closer look at what is the virtual POS service weepay, which draws attention with low commission rates and next day payment promises.

The virtual state of the physical POS device virtual POSis known as software that enables customers to pay their merchants for payments made online. At this point, many people who want to move their business to the internet, especially on e-commerce sites it needs this software called virtual POS.

These software after a long and tiring process from banks As can be obtained, which is the 'Virtual Pos Service' weepay It can also be obtained easily and easily. We, in this article, with a single integration Of the 7 big banks virtual POS We will talk about weepay, the online payment system where you can integrate the software into your e-commerce site.

what is weepay?


With the easiest integration solutions, you can safely pay and install payments to all your customers' cards. without redirecting to another page enabling weepay, including Bonus, World, Axess, Maximum, Paraf, CardFinans, Bankkart with a single integration 7 credit cards presents the virtual POSs belonging to the brand to its customers. Moreover, it offers solutions to your foreign payment needs with Amex. At this point, while the company is growing your business, next day It also promises to put it into your account. Also weepay Corporate as well as the membership type individual also for users virtual POS provides the possibility.

Members of the site have the right to receive certain services after becoming a weepay customer. Among these services you will get, which allows you to receive payments, including different currencies. weepos, without integration in all digital environments pay by link allowing weel Linkis a button that will allow you to easily receive payments on your website. weeclick and the progress and commission rates are calculated weemarket features include.

is weepay safe?

The world's highest level of data security standard PCI (Payment Card Industry) – DSS (Data Security Standard) certified, weepay, together with its PCI – DSS certified service, provides the needs for data security directly to its members at the initial stage.

What is the commission rate in weepay, is there a starting fee?

weepay was able to attract many people's attention with opportunities such as next day payment and the appropriate downtime. In addition, without any fixed and starting fees your virtual POS In 24 hours The company, which promises to be active, offers its corporate customers appropriate commission rates per transaction. At this point, special commission rates in sales of 30.000 TL and above are among the advantages of weepay.


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Here we come to the end of our article where we examined weepay, where those looking for payment methods for e-commerce sites can give a chance. Online payment You can click the link here to get more information about the system and reach the website of weepay.