What was. What will. 15 years later.

As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview at the same time.

*** Today is a historic day in every imaginable dimension. Because 15 years ago today, Angela Merkel became Federal Chancellor. Especially for this day there was from this company a she-bear named “Angie” for the upscale bear collector, just like a new German one these days Unit bear to buy there. I have already written about Angie, the bear, and about Angela, the Chancellor, in 203 other newsreels. How long the period of time is and what has changed in it can be seen from the fact that the image of a naked Chancellor Merkel was discussed in all seriousness on a red bear rode. Then rather back to the future, to the Chancellor, about whom I wrote in 2005: “There are cosmopolitan people in Germany in the sense of Chancellor Merkel, who invite all of the rest of the world to come to Germany. What do we care about Melilla or Ceuta, they are already standing not in the catalog of t-lour, Cook, and Dr. Snuggles. ” If you want to remember: These were the cities that groaned under a “migrant storm” 15 years ago.

So it all started …

… and that’s not how it ends. Oh yes, it’s not easy, isn’t it, Ms. Merkel? Even after 15 years in the executive chair, she may sometimes despair about the lack of insight, stubbornness and especially the undemocratic advances of some EU heads of government.

(Image: Alexandros Michailidis /

*** This week there was a demonstration in Berlin in which Angela Merkel was once again insulted. Other members of the Bundestag also heard filthy and confused things from “right-wing Youtubers” who were smuggled into parliament by AfD members. There was the name “little wanna-be-king” for Merkel’s stately, calm party colleague Peter Altmaier the funniest. Incidentally, Altmaier’s career began 15 years ago plus one day as Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior. He never made it to the king, only one that seemed slightly absolutist threat, followed by the vague charge of “treason”. He brought completely different demonstrators onto the street.

*** Until Angela Merkel’s term of office comes to an end, a few more newsreels will appear on gray or mild nights. Some parties still have to decide which of the members can be chancellor. Among the more interesting debates, in times of Corona, the question of electronic elections has emerged, which could be easier and faster than a postal vote by the delegates of one party. According to lawyers, this would have to be done beforehand Party law be changed. Now, of all people, the traditionalist Friedrich Merz has opted for electronic voting via De-Mail befriended – a system that is felt to be more than 15 years old as chancellors. At the same time, Merz wants to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. Because of these privacythat is so important to everyone that a magical solution to decrypting encryption is being sought. A topic that was on the agenda 15 years ago – and 25 years ago.

*** The story of the right-wing extremist cases in the police is a long story. You can look to North Rhine-Westphalia, where 173 individual cases were counted or on Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where the Interior Minister Caffier has resigned and the reconnaissance begins. Hessen is also there, here the individual case is apparently a police officer who threatened a lawyer as NSU 2.0 after he had found her address on the police computer. Lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz moved to an address that few people know. Now she is also there from strangers explored. Some have privacy and their private weapons, others have no protection. How is that called so ugly? Please send pertinent information to [email protected]

*** While US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the Republic of Palau Congratulated on their free democratic elections and the “admirable observance of democratic procedures”, the haggling over the election continues in the US banana republic. After his appearance in the Four Seasons Landscaping parking lot, legal counsel Rudy Guiliani has one another memorable appearance Completed, this time supported by Four Seasons Hair Care. Former Microsoft manager Chris Krebs and election officer spoke of the “most dangerous hours in American television history” after, among other things, the QAnon theory was spread that voting software modified by Hugo Chavez falsified the election result . Meanwhile, the farewells from Trump perceive strange twists and turns: there he is once Pokerface, who pulls the ultimate bluff with his cards, another time rusty old nailthat you just can’t get out of the wall. There is also once again psychiatric Expertise, a little Kremlin astrology, or memories of the peak of sports coverage: Where’s Behle? Uh where is Pence? Meanwhile, Twitter is preparing for the major cleaning. Also trumps actual account is likely to be subject to changes after the handover.

*** It’s a funny donkey, the story of the online conference of EU defense ministers, secured with a six-digit password, five of which were tweeted in one picture. A journalist was able to try out the last position and appeared briefly in the conference. Not only the defense ministers but also interested services from other countries will have taken part in this with a smile, albeit without revealing themselves. Cyberwar is extremely convenient, as the good soldier Schweijk would put it. But that’s not really hacking, it’s more like leaning against the front door while taking out the garbage. But the scene of real hackers can also be happy. For example with one of her best storytellers and storytellers, LulzSec member Jeremy Hammond, whose defense speech in court in 2013 was honored in this newsreel. Now it’s Hammond Released from jail been and lives in one Halfway Housewhere he is prepared for the supervised life in freedom. Meanwhile is Reality Winner still in jail for the act of using documents to draw attention to the influence of Russian cyber agents on the 2016 US elections.

Where is the positive that filled the whole newsreel 15 years ago? Well, in 39 days this miserable 2020 will be over, then 2021 and the vaccine for everyone. What is still to come is a new national soccer coach after “Le Team” suffered a historic defeat. That is a state-bearing task of the internal leadership of this country, if one has this comment read: “Because only a lively national team guarantees a lot of attention, high income and moves the youth, the real capital of a sports association with a broad and deep anchoring in society.” Deep anchors are always good. Who was the national coach 15 years ago when this “German summer fairy tale” came up in a relaxed and cosmopolitan country? Ok, 2021, you will do better. After all, played Mad Max in 2021 in distant Australia.

The future is also just the past of the near future.


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