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As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: The Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview at the same time.

*** “So what does it mean to be intelligent? Well, it sure is not the ability to make a correct hypothesis because people have failed a thousand times. Maybe intelligence is the ability to make the right decision, but people are bad at that too They make terrible decisions in politics, business, the environment, technology, education, medicine and almost everything else. If intelligence is not the ability to make correct decisions or to create correct hypotheses, what is it? I suggest that intelligence is the ability to do things that people do. “

When it comes to intelligence, it turns out that at least the illustrators lack the creative intelligence on this topic.

When it comes to intelligence, it turns out that at least the illustrators lack the creative intelligence on this topic.

*** The artificial intelligence GPT-3 has already been a topic of this little newsreel. Now she has learned to philosophize and one of the funniest Texts about human intelligence and human consciousness written. Assuming that the KI PT-3 is really the author of this sottise, we can confidently reject any form of authorship and acknowledge the rule of the machines. It’s not particularly dramatic, after all, biology as a science has just surrendered to the power of Excel. That came quite undramatic day of reckoning and it was duly celebrated by the scientists. “Apparently the machine has learned that there is no need for violence to subjugate people. Its convenience is sufficient to force even the most intelligent people under the knot of technology.”

*** What biologists can do, physicists can do for a long time: Mixing things up is a universal human ability. This is what happened with an article about the atomic bomb supposedly the first technological application of quantum physics. Physicists are probably no longer familiar with detector radio receivers with crystal diodes, which were built in the 1920s. In addition, the Manhattan Project did not yet have a quantum physical explanation of the atomic nucleus and strong nuclear force, like the story with Einstein and the atomic bomb shows. In general, large parts of quantum mechanics are still waiting to be researched, as the AI ​​pioneer Rodney Brooks did in a way Science life balance of technological changes writes. Overall, however, it fits The atomic bomb myththat the drops in Hiroshima and Nagasaki meant that Japan surrendered more quickly and that World War II was really over. At least the intact city Hiroshima with its wooden houses became similar to its time Darmstadt selected to try a new war technique.

*** While around the globe Bhangmeter watch over who is experimenting with which atomic bomb, a violent explosion occurred in the port of Beirut, the one wave of one Homeric anger followed. “We will confront you with our burning bodies, with our blood-smeared faces and you will go down with us in these ruins.” The role of Hezbollah, in particular, which controls the port of Beirut and stores the weapons there for the fight against Israel, is a source of popular anger, which this time has gripped the camps of all religions. “Only” 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored in the port for bomb building. For comparison: In the port of Odessa in the Ukraine there is a wrecked freighter loaded with 10,000 tons of ammonium nitrate. His name: “Trump D”. Reality likes to make really bad jokes.

*** Donald Trump, the President, his Golf guests when peaceful demonstrators oppose inquiring journalists, has set in motion an order prohibiting US companies from doing business with the Chinese companies Bytedance and Tencent within 45 days. In the best Mafia fashion, Microsoft is thus being supported in purchasing the rights of use for the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – from those who work together on the secret service FiveEyes only missing Great Britain. Things get complicated with Tencent and the Wechat app, known in China as Weixin. Many Chinese see the attack on Weixin, which is widely used (and monitored), especially in China, as an attack on Chinese identity. In addition, the state’s mandatory Corona app is integrated into the app, for which Apple had to create a place in the app store in China. Like the list of diverse Tencent holdings studied, will find some things that can cause problems, such as participating in Tesla. Will Trump Send gunboatswhen Beijing remains stubborn?

*** Stephan Schwarzman, head of the investment firm Blackstone Group, is one of the most prominent donors to Donald Trump’s campaign fund. That should also be the case in the upcoming election campaign. That week, Schwarzman’s Blackstone Group acquired for $ 4.7 billion 75% interest in in Utah. The DNA teat has 18 million users and stores almost 24 billion data records on its computers and clouds. Genealogy and health should be the next big thing, especially in times of Corona, once it is clear how an immunity is genetically coded. Incidentally, every person who enters the database with their DNA data will Part of a whole become. All people become brothers, it says in a well-known drinking song that was written in the summer of Gohlis.

*** “Brothers will be thrown from your seats when the full Roman kisses”, one sang once, swaying slightly. This is exactly what you could sing again today when the pure wine is served. Because five years ago, Chancellor Angela Merkel calmly said the great words “We can do it” at the federal press conference. How did Merkel reflect in retrospect in 2016, when an Interior Minister Seehofer raved about a “rule of injustice”? “But I said ‘We can do it’ out of deep conviction, knowing that we were dealing with a difficult and difficult task. As a child of German unity, it was clear to me that we would be breaking new ground again , had to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and fears too. ‘We can do it’ is the right motive for this task – goal and attitude. “ This is what attitude and hope sound like. And you, too made it. The celebration also includes how the Ministry of the Interior is now speaking of “easier entry” this weekend in 2020 when the entry ban for unmarried partners is lifted. “The prerequisite for entry relief is proof of a long-term partnership with at least one previous personal meeting in Germany or proof of a previous joint residence abroad. The following must be submitted: An invitation from the person residing in Germany. A jointly signed declaration of Persistence of the relationship. Evidence of previous meetings through passport stamps, travel documents or plane tickets. “ Be entwined, you peoples, be entwined, you data. How about the reality and the bad jokes? Oh, humorous AI, deliver us …

Yes, yes, but also this heat. From Berlin Teufelssee is just coming in photo around the world on which a naked man is hunting a wild boar. That had grabbed a bag with a laptop in it. What you just need to be naked at Teufelssee. With the nameless, education-hungry wild boar (who, unlike the naked, was not asked whether her photographic image could be published), a worthy successor for Sammy, the caiman from the quarry pond, was finally found at the end of the summer. That brings me to the subject that will concern us all for the next week. Because with the start of school they are there again, the debates about the educational “path” of children and the digitization of lessons. Schwupps, is prompt one Medical Association there who considers the mask requirement in school to be superfluous. Apparently, like Trump, they believe that children are “almost immune”. After all, a small celebration is due in time for the start of school: The Mannheim Social Court found in the case of a student that a PC to subsistence level heard. However, it decreed that the job center had to pay a maximum of 300 euros to secure its livelihood, the rest had to be saved or started by the student. So it is with existence on the fringes of society. Enough jokes for this weekend.

Everything that is checked when life partners want to come to Germany from abroad, smells of pickelhauben bureaucracy like digging in the marriage bed when checking for fictitious marriage.

Everything that is checked when life partners want to come to Germany from abroad, smells of pickelhauben bureaucracy like digging in the marriage bed when checking for fictitious marriage.


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