What was. What will. From the permanent data record to the exhausted resource.

As always, Hal Faber's newsreel would like to sharpen the eye for the details: The Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a backward and a forward look.

*** After the United States filed a lawsuit before the United States court on the day Edward Snowden's book Permanent Record was published, it was foreseeable that the court would uphold the lawsuit and that the proceeds of the sale would go to the state. Snowden himself tells in his autobiography that he had to sign several confidentiality statements from the CIA and the NSA and writes that he left out many details in the book so as not to endanger the work of the services. Then, at the start of the educational novel, it says a little fuzzy: "The violations that I witnessed required my actions. But there is no need to write his memoirs because one can no longer ignore the urgent call of one's conscience. That is why I have all the family, friends and colleagues who follow on Pages are named or otherwise identified, in advance asked for their consent. " Only the CIA and NSA were omitted, who immediately thanked the lawsuit. It's worth it judgment to read, because a few sentences further the whistleblower Edward Snowden writes: "In fact, I haven't demonstrated a single document directly to the public."

*** Exactly this line was fatal to him when the book was published, because the court apparently evaluated the video of Snowden's appearance at the it-sa 2015 in Nuremberg with the presentation of a PRISM film Minute 6:45 around. According to the reasoning of the judgment, this was considered a prohibited presentation of confidential documents. The fact that the mirror, the Guardian and also the Heiseticker showed this slide or screenshot and are actually evidence that Snowden only "quoted" was wiped off the table by the judge. This should be a lesson and an urgent warning for many (hopefully) subsequent generations of whistleblowers, including those from our tipster. Hands off after passing on the information to the press, no public presentations, this is the most important Christmas tip! Things don't always turn out as lightly as in the case of Reality Winner, who fell victim to Intercept's incompetence but will be released in 2020. As for Edward Snowden, it is not known whether he will comment on this at the upcoming 36th Chaos Computer Club Congress. It honors him, however, that he looks after the information in the timetable wants to work in Leipzig for the people who sheltered and protected him in Hong Kong.

*** There is one for the Snowden case investigation report, which was served on the members of the House Secret Service Committee and sued by the FAS for freedom of information. It is the template that Snowden's critics use to critically "review" the book. This is of course problematic, because large parts of the book are designed as a typical coming-of-age narrative, or, as one says in the USA, as Bildungsroman, Conversely, there are passages in the investigation report that are blackened. A critical discussion is problematic, but you can try it, as this three-part document shows, of which only two parts have been published. At the CIA deals with growing up and the first jobs for the CIA | _blank) $, At the NSA deals with his time at the NSA. The third part should deal with the events in Hong Kong, but also with Snowden's defense of his approach. His statement in a written statement for the EU parliamentarians that he had contacted more than ten managers to report abuses is in direct contradiction to the current judgment. It says that Snowden has made no use of any official means to report abuses. In one interview he puts it like this: "The NSA at this point not only knows I raised complaints, but that there is evidence that I made my concerns known to the NSA's lawyers, because I did some of it through e-mail. I directly challenge the NSA to deny that I contacted NSA oversight and compliance bodies directly via e-mail and that I specifically expressed concerns about their suspect interpretation of the law, and I welcome members of Congress to request a written answer to this question (from the NSA),

*** Just before Christmas, weird things happen. A reindeer sleigh races around the world with gifts. The internal clock of a spaceship is set to a different time zone than that of the ground station so that the Starliner does not collide with the Santa Claus sleigh. It is haunted on earth too. Data is "security erased" on a cell phone that former Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen used in office. This is a process that can be harmlessly interpreted as a violation of the moratorium on files decided by the Ministry of Defense, but could also be more sharply classified as the destruction of evidence, which is then a complaint makes possible. The Ministry of Transport made a very special Christmas increase with the classification of files classified by the investigative committee regarding the car toll. You have been upgraded from "For Business Use Only" (NfD) to "Confidential". This means that only MPs and security-checked employees can study the files. As a reminder: the files were personally rolled up by the Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer on a cart in front of the photographers, all in the name of "transparency". Now that there is at least € 650 million in damages, tricks instead of transparency are required. Are by the way 551 additional millions for road construction, which Scheuer churned on his beloved Bavaria country from unspent funds for traffic research and cycle path construction, not even a cardboard stick.

*** Happy, rich, radiant Bavaria, Franconia included. You get 100 new AI professorships to complete the Bavaria's international appeal in the field of AI to "kindle". A fire like the Waberlohe should burn, shine brighter than a thousand suns and there is a batzn on top, a "Bavarian Center for Blockchain (bc) ²" for the authenticity check of certificates. Perhaps by those who have to present the 100 AI professors to prove in which AI corner they are based. Because there is enough mud and mud, as an essay on ethical AI (but in the USA) shows. But wait, we will soon have Christmas, the "Festival of Love". Isn't it heavenly enchanting if we can find out from a representative survey by the Gesellschaft für Informatik that a third of those under 30 believe in love between humans and AI, Imagine the little rascals who look Miss Boo in the eye or the girl who undresses in front of a webcam for her robot, because: "Most often young people can imagine real romance between intelligent robots and humans." Somehow the path to the project leads from this survey to the "Festival of Love" # KI50, which is supposed to critically reflect on the German AI history of the past 50 years. I just haven't found him yet, so look for him myself.

In any case, it is dark, hollow and of course heavily hacker-romantic in the redesigned halls of the Leipzig Trade Fair when the Chaos Computer Club is open 36th Congress celebrates between the years. The assemblies and building angels are already working hard to make it comfortable, this love between humans and computers. As mentioned, Edward Snowden has his appearance switched on, and his lawyer Tibbo has been there as well for the past three years. The small publishing house on the edge of the northern German lowlands is no exception: on Saturday there is the c't uplink live from the congress, on Sunday the #heiseshow is live to tackle the hot spots. As the optimistic statement of the congress motto "Resource Exhaustion" says: "Those who know their own resources set limits that prevent their exhaustion." I don't find the term in the thick official IBM "dictionary of technical terms for information processing", but "resources, human". They are translated like this: "Human elements. The member of the application planning and programming staff, the management staff and the system programming staff at a data processing installation." Man is man's staff.


And where's the music? Oh, this time we refer to a very entertaining and knowledgeable colleague: Andrian Kreye has the ten best albums of the year compiled. All from the genre of course, which some people call jazz. Everything worth hearing. Very worth listening to.


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